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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Physicians Formula SPF50 Powder Foundation

Being a very active outdoorsy person that burns easily, I make sure I always wear sunscreen when going out and even when I don't go out. For a few months I was searching for some sort of sunscreen powder foundation (because sunscreen lotion breaks me out pretty bad). Most that I find I hate...HATE. They suck and don't even offer a high SPF. Anything below SPF 15 does not work. So that means SPF 15 is actually SPF 1. So what's the point? I searched the internet from time to time, looking for something with a high level of SPF. I encountered a few websites and blogs that mentioned a few different types but most were too expensive for me. The one I kept going back to and feeling like I needed to try, was Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF50 Powder Make Up.
 So I looked up reviews for it and found this one by Y:

Their Healthy Wear products are tested and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation:

After reading that, I knew I wanted to try it. So I searched the internet for the best price which is $11.96  and I found it here:

I've seen a few reviews where people complain about the price, but sunscreen lotion on its own is pricey. So I think this is a good deal with sunscreen and makeup combined. I ordered it in Translucent Light because I'm rather light skinned. And since I like to add colour to my face in the summer, I ordered the SPF50 bronzer in Fair (also $11.96). Along with those, I ordered green and light concealer, Ardell Defining Eyebrow Powder in Mink Brown and Cover Girl Volume Exact mascara in very black, which I really like. The order came with a $10 off coupon towards my next purchase and one of the sunscreen powders came with a $5.00 coupon for another powder. So if I like it I'll buy more and use the coupons. :-)

Y had mentioned that the packaging was cute and it is! Bright orange and hot pink make me think of the beach!
Uh oh...I just realized I'm giving an accidental sneak peak on the fabric I talked about that I'm using to sew my outfit/costume! Hee hee! I just finished it and was trying it on when my order arrived.

I will be using the sunscreen powder everyday for a while so I can give a good review on how I feel about it. If you have any questions about anything, just let me know. :-)

Have you tried any of these products? Would you like to?


  1. That packaging is cute! I hadn't heard of these before. I'll probably check em out if I see a sale on PF. :)

  2. Wow I've never even heard of sunscreen powder before. :O

    How weird is it that they dont sell anything above SPF30 in Australia? We probably need it the most (besides Africa) and we dont even have an ozone layer to protect ourselves! D:

    I was shocked when I saw that SPF 70 and what-not are so easy to come by overseas. I need to check out that website :)

  3. Yayyyyy! I've been using it for a while now and i love it!

    thanks for reading my review! <3

  4. I really want to try this! I need a really high spf in the summer, and if it was a great foundation it would still work in the winter!

  5. The green Physician's Formula concealer stick is a lifesaver for me. I don't like using traditional concealer, or foundation, cus it's so goopy and gross, it makes me feel like I'm putting so much crap onto my skin. But this stuff is really nice :)

  6. Bebo,
    Some of them are at the store with a $5 coupon already on the package it comes it. So see if you can find one with a coupon. :-D

    SilhouetteScreams ,
    It's been around for a while but seriously, most of it sucks so bad.

    Maybe Australia needs a higher SPF? Who knows? Here where I live in Colorado, is REALLY elevated so due to that, we get more rays than warm sunny beaches. So I make sure I wear sunscreen all the time. I don't want my skin to look all gross when I'm 30, 40 etc.

    you're welcome. It helped me purchase mine so thank you for the review!

    Yep, sunscreen is important even in the winter time. The suns harmful rays never take a break, so even if it is cloudy out, you still need to wear sunscreen. And I do all year round.

    I only recently discovered it. I really like it too. It conceals better than my mineral stuff. Yeah, that other traditional stuff does feel gross. I don't know how other girls wear it all the time. Ew!