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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Need some help please!

Today is my Birfday and I'm still really sick! Bleh. I'm coughing up gross stuff. *barf*
So what I need help with is I came up with a Creepy Carnival theme, for me and my friends to dress up when we go out dancing. I just have no idea what to do. So I'm going to list a few things and let you all suggest what you want to see me wear. :-) Just remember even basic carnival/circus characters will be made more creepy like. This should be interesting...

Ring Leader/Master
Lion Tamer
Bearded Lady
Creepy Clown
Gypsy Fortune Teller
Half man half woman
Siamese Twins
Two headed woman
Werewolf lady
Lobster girl

So this theme is obviously more towards the Freak Show Carnival thing than a typical family circus. I can't make myself shorter or taller so there are some things I obviously can't do. My friend Jennifer and I were saying we could be bearded lady Siamese twins! My friend Jeff then added we should wear school girl outfits too. OMG who wants to see school girls wearing full beards?! That will make the pervs at the club leave me alone! Ha!

If you have any suggestions that I haven't listed, feel free to let me know! Your input is really appreciated.

I'm going to get back to resting before I die.



  1. Lion Tamer!
    That would be hot!

  2. Happy birthday sweetie! I hope you feel better soon! I'm sending hugs your way. Also... bearded lady, obviously.

  3. Lobster girl! I can't wrap my head around what that would look like.

  4. Phyrra,
    That was my first choice! :-)

    Thank you! ME too. I don't think I have ever been sick on my Bday before. Hee hee bearded ladies are always fun!

    Hee hee. It's not a person dressed in a lobster suit. It's when someone has only 2 fingers on each hand resembling a claw. Some people are really born this way and it's a common side show "act". I would NOT do it to make fun of anyone with this genetic disorder, but I would do it to give a real creepy carnival feel. I would never want to offend anyone of course. It's all for good fun.

  5. Have a happy birthday! ^-^

    Hmm, how about a snake charmer and fire-eater?

  6. omgggg ring leader gets my vote!

  7. Kim,
    How do they dress?

    Hee hee. OK! I'm keeping everything in mind. :-)

  8. haha I like how every single person chose a different thing :P

  9. Heather,
    Ha! Me too...and I'm wondering what else will be voted on or suggested!

  10. hope you get well soon!
    Happy Birthday!
    I think you should do the lobster girl... cuz you can pinch random people....maybe that isn't so awesome though.

  11. Another lion tamer vote!!! LOVE IT!!! Hope you feel better soon blix....and happy birthday!

  12. OK, so far two lion tamer votes and two lobster girl votes. We have a month so I'll wait for more votes come in!
    And you all quit making me laugh! It's hard to laugh when you are coughing! :-P

  13. Happy birthday!!! Just please don't do creepy clown haha. I kinda like werewolf lady. :)

  14. I like the lion tamer....but then again I am madly in love with dark carnivaly fact I just redid my bedroom in a circus burlesque theme with black and white and crimson....and I was a gothy ringleader for halloween...

  15. Bebo,
    Thank you! Yeah, no one wants me to do creepy clown...even myself!

    Now we got 3 votes for the lion tamer. Hmmm...might have to go with that one. But we will see how many more votes come in. :-D
    And I would LOVE to see your room! You going to take any pictures???

  16. Strangely, I was going to say exactly what Phyrra said before I even read her response lol. LION TAMER! CUZ IT WOULD BE HOT! :D

  17. Happy Birthday hun! I vote lion tamer! Woot woot!

  18. I may have to just do the Lion Tamer then!

  19. Isn't the lion tamer and ring master kind of the same? Please take a cuddly toy lion with you :) It would amuse me.

    Get well soon and happy (belated now) birthday!

  20. Sorry i missed saying happy birthday on the day! Hope you felt better and had a very happy birthday! Can't wait to see pictures from your dancing troupe :)

  21. RaeRae,
    Hee hee. No, they're not the same. For female lion tamers, their costumes are much more revealing and glitzy than if they were just a ring leader (person who runs the whole show). :-) I only know from doing research to see what the heck is what, because I didn't know!
    I was going to see if someone wanted to dress up as a lion for me. But if I can't, I may get a stuffed lion and drag it around on a leash. Heh heh! And thank you!

    That's OK! Thank you! I am better now but still not completely well. I hope to be soon tho! Pictures will be posted probably on Sunday. :-D OMG I'm scared what they will be...many from my last post were not posted because they were BAD. And I mean adult bad. Hee hee!

  22. Ew get better D:

    I'm probably totally late to the party, but a bearded lady would be HILARIOUS. Especially if it were half man half woman!

  23. I like the lion tamer, but love lobster girl. Mainly because I have this cousin we used to call lobster boy, I really have no idea why, lol, he was only like 3 or 4! He was kinda pushy, ate a lot of food, and was generally kind of weird and rambunctious, but most toddlers are!

    Anyway, whatever you do, have fun! Make sure to make it nice and weird, not just sexy-kinky ;).

    Hope you are feeling better. I also had a stomach virus about a week ago and was out of commision for about a week. Something awful has been going around.

  24. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Lion Tamer most def!

  25. Thank you ladies! I will make it WEIRD of course. Not sure how exactly but I will do some sort of creepy makeup. :-D