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Friday, February 12, 2010

Plans for the weekend!

 Wooo! This weekend will be busy and full of lotsa fun stuff. I got some new fabric to make myself a costume/outfit to go dancing in for my Birthday, which is coming up. It's the most gorgeous fabric I've ever been able to work with. It's black, stretchy with silver foiled paisley/swirl designs. I saw it on eBay and just had to have it! It's really pretty and can't wait to use it and eventually wear it! I'll be sewing a lot over the weekend. I will post pics from when I wear it out. But that won't be for a couple weeks.
 Also, this weekend I am going to attempt a couple video tutorials on glitter application as well as how I apply my eyeliner. I get asked all the time how I get the glitter to stick and how I apply my eyeliner so thin, sleek and precise. It's much easier to show than to instruct verbally, so I will do my best on video to show it. Any tips/suggestions before I do a video?

Going dancing tonight. Weee! I don't have time to do a makeup look before I go out, but will post my makeup look that I wear dancing, probably tomorrow. No clue what I'm doing yet but I'll figure something out.

What are your plans? I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



  1. Mexico Baby! I'm a spoiled rotten little brat that gets to spend a whole 10 days with my man in Playa Del carmen! Woop Woop I'm sure I will return with some new clothes, a slight burn and a new tattoo! Can't wait......we leave tonight!

  2. That fabric sounds lovely; I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with it!

    I *love* tutorials. As much as I love the LOTD posts, for someone as new to makeup as me, it's a bit like handing a n00b a paintbrush and the Mona Lisa and saying, "Now do this." *snort*

    My weekend will be on the light side. Dinner with a friend tonight, chocolate with another friend tomorrow, and hitting people with sticks (martial arts practice) on Sunday, followed by ice cream and sweatpants. Mmm.

  3. I would love to see a video on your glitter application. Be prepared to take your time when you speak. If you get tongue tied, take a deep breath, pause, and then start over again.

    I hope you have a blast dancing tonight!

  4. I'm so excited for thsi weekend! I'm off from school, so I'm definiately finishing some projects such as sequining a shirt. LOL i have to put up pictures once im done

  5. Looking forward to the videos! Hope you have a great time dancing. I'm having a quiet weekend in but am going to see The Princess and the Frog, which i'm childishly thrilled about :P

  6. Can't wait to see what you do with the material, I'm so jealous of people who can make their own clothes :)

  7. Today is my day off! I'm so glad, I worked an 8 hour shift yesterday AFTER going to school... I'm tired *_* Today I'm seeing The Wolfman with my family, going shopping with my mom, and then getting some bubble tea :3

    WHEN is your birthday? I wanna send you a package :3

  8. Thanks god cause i envy your eyeliner skills so much and its driving my crazy trying to figure it out :) Can't wait.

  9. BlushBaby,
    Awesome! Make sure you post pics when you get back!

    It's almost complete! Hee hee. Well I hope my video will help with that! I'll do my best to show and describe how I do it.
    Sounds like a lovely weekend for you!

    Thanks for the advice. I think I'm more concerned about the sound of my voice and not speaking well enough so people understand what I'm describing. :-/

    Awesome! I wanna see the pics!

    I hope the videos are OK. Quiet weekends are good. I hope you have fun!

    That sounds like a LOOONG day. You'll have to let me know how Wolf Man is. I wanna know! Have fun shoppin'! You are a sweetie! My Birfday is February 25th. :-)

    Hee hee thank you. I think I will be showing 2 different kinds of eyeliners that I use regularly, dry powder and wet liner. :-)

  10. SilhouetteScreams,
    My mom taught me how to sew. My skills are limited but it is nice to be able to create and wear something no one else has. I mostly make belly dance costumes. Saves me tons o' money! :-)

  11. OH GOD The Wolfman is BAD. This is the exact kind of money I adore, and I hated it, so I think that says enough. Don't waste the $

  12. Heather,
    OK, I trust ya. It is a bummer though. We won't go see it in the theatre...