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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lime, Green, Gold and Blue simple look using Stars Makeup Haven

Today is a simple makeup day as I've got a dance class to go to. No point in wearing tons of makeup if I'm just going to come home and wash it off right away. Plus none of the other girls wear makeup (I think) to class so no need to be all dolled up and lookin' like a floozy (which is what I normally look like, hee hee). I used my new camera again and it does well for close ups of the eyes, but the full face pics still look strange to me. It sort of looks like there's a filter or something but I haven't done anything to the pictures. This is how they turned out, fuzzy/textured. I still don't like it but with my old camera acting up, I have no choice but to use this one.
Check out my veiny eyelids, yo! I shoulda put some "flesh" powder on them. Oh well!
SMH - Fresh (applied to upper lash line and outer lower corner with MAC 266 extending out)
SMH - Mint Julep (applied to lower inner corner with MAC 266)
SMH - Olive Branch (middle of lower lash line, applied with MAC 266)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Deviant (water line)
NYX mascara in Electric Blue (upper lashes only)

Estee Lauder Crystal Glass lip gloss in Clear Flash

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin (applied with fingertips)
Earth-Glo Minerals powder foundation in Lightest Nude (applied with kabuki brush)
Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder for Sensitive skin (can't remember what colour)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We got about 4 inches of snow this morning. :-)


  1. I really like the liner. Very pretty on you ;)

  2. Those colours are all paired so lovely! Subtle but striking. :)

  3. That green on the upper lashline is so pretty *__*

    The blue mascara is a mindfuck (in a good way), from the full face shots I could swear you were wearing blue shadow/liner!

  4. Love that color combo! The green liner and blue mascara is so purty :D

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Your have such a perfect base material (eyes, brows, eyelids and of course make up doing skills) for perfect make up.
    About snow- we are drowning in it.:D
    Happy new week!

  6. Phyrra,
    Thank you. :-)

    Exactly what I was going for. Thanks!

    Hee hee. That is in a good way.

    Thank you. :-)

    Aw, thank you! It's snowing here pretty out!

  7. This is so pretty!!!

    And you have gorgeous eyes!!

  8. I just love how your eyeliner is so perfectly applied every single time ! Any tips? x

  9. Kiku,
    Thank you! :-)

    Thanks! Um...well, I have different tips based on what I use for eyeliner, whether it be pencil, liquid or powder. I think powder is the easiest to work with but I prefer liquid. I don't know if I could tell someone how I do my liner, but I could show...I know I need to do a video tutorial on a few things so I will attempt to do a video soon. :-)

  10. Ooooh I love that green too. And total OMG if you made a video, I'd love it.

  11. Heather,
    Mmmm...yes this green is pretty. And I swear I will make a video soon. Must figure out how to use my new camera first!