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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Decorating - My bedroom, or as I call it, the Lovenasium!

So I'm a huge decorator. It's something that most people do not know about me. So I guess I'm a closet decorator. :-)  Since I am a PIB (person in black), most people assume my place is very dark and drab. But it's not so. I finally got my bedroom looking the way I want. The inspiration for my bedroom came from various things. I love Indian (I mean India NOT Native American) and Moroccan decor so some of it stems from that. I wanted my room to be romantic and look like if you walked in there, you'd greeted by a harem of beautiful women. So lotsa velvet, sheer curtains, candles, roses, lanterns and rich colours. My bed is very low to the floor (Japanese style platform/frame). So other people's beds feel super huge and high to me. Like OMG how do you climb onto this huge thing every night?! Hee hee.
Taken from the doorway

My bed

My dresser, Jewelry box and perfume

Jason's side (the rest of the room is MINE hee hee)

That curtain on the left is my walk in closet. We took the door off to save some room. You have to walk through the closet to get to the master weird! Like a secret bathroom!

Yes, the skull is wearing a mustache...

So that is my room. It's not super amazing but I spent a lot of time and work on it to make it the way I want. I'm glad Jason is OK with me doing whatever I want too. At least it's not pink right?

 I plan on showing the rest of the rooms I decorated, once I get some pictures. :-)  What does your room look like? I'd love to see!


  1. *jaw drops* Whoa. Excuse me for a minute* runs into room packs everything and runs back* Can I live with you? Your room is amazing! What did you name your mustachiod skull btw?

  2. awwww nice room!!love the morrocan touch!!

  3. It's lovely and romantic! lol at the mustache XD

  4. jealous! My boyfriend will not let me have a canopy thingy like yours- which is lovely.

  5. I love your dresser area! and the star lanterns, I saw some at Pier 1 but didn't snag any :(
    My room looks like crap. When I finally get a house or condo I'm going to decorate the shit out of it :D But right now it has ikea everywhere, clothes piled all over and my insane perfume shelf on the wall. Oh yeah, and ugly ass HUGE painting on the wall. It's massive but looks pricey-ish (maybe in the 80's lol) but the wall is so plain without it. Oh, and my crazy hoaring of lil piles on my nightstand, and under it, and around it.....
    I was going to do a post on my hoarding lol. I can't get passed the being embarrased part hahahah

  6. Duuuuude, this is so pretty! I'm really diggin the Moroccan/Indian vibe. It reminds me of how Inara decorated her shuttle in Firefly :)

  7. WOW! Gorgeous! My bedroom is absolutely boring- nothing to show i'm afraid.Kind of blue-white with fairish wood - very unstyled.

  8. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! I totally wish my room looked like this... I guess I'd have to clean it first, lol. I love everything hanging from the ceiling!

  9. Actually, I think your bedroom is very beautiful!

  10. Pixie_a_la_mode,
    Hee hee. Well, I like to walk around naked a lot so you'd probably be scared...
    His name is Skully. :-) He's an ashtray that I use to put little random things in there.

    Thank you!

    Why thank you. :-)

    Glad you like it.

    Hee hee my room can't be too serious now! Mustaches are funny for some reason...
    And thank you!

    What?! That sucks. Me and Jason came to an agreement. He picks out the furniture and I can decorate how I want. So that's what we did. he likes mod furniture, I like lotsa decor like what you see in my room. So it's mod with a romantic flare. :-)

    Ha! Well, we all have our messy house days. I've certainly had mine! Where the place is so messy, you'd be better off burning the place down and starting new somewhere else...hee hee. But that doesn't happen very often. And mostly happens when both Jason and I are sick at the same time.

    Oh yeah! She had pretty Sari fabric and pillows...I forgot all about that!

    Thank you! Well, if you ever wanted to decorate your room, I know a lot of cool places to get cheap deals on just about everything. Almost everything in my room was from discount stores, on sale or ordered super cheap from eBay.

    Hee hee. Thanks! Yes, I love hanging lanterns too...obviously... :-)

  11. I just fell in love with your room. We have exactly the same decoration tastes! My room is really similar to yours, but everything's red instead of velvet, wich I also find really erotic & romantic. I'd love to see more of your house!