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Friday, June 11, 2010

Golden Orange and Smokey Pink look with Victoria's Revenge by Aromaleigh

I had to make myself put makeup on today to get motivated. I haven't been feeling that great this week. My birth control pills have been making me feel really nauseous and tired. It comes in waves. I'll feel fine then not and back and forth. I've been napping a lot because it's been really hard for me to focus on work or fun things, when I have to stop what I'm doing, breath slowly and swallow a lot because I feel like I'm either going to pass out or barf.  But that's normal so I have to suck it up.  Doesn't make it any easier though.
To cheer me up I wore a big flower in my hair. I love the colour of it!
Today I wanted to use some pigments from the Victoria's Revenge collection that I haven't tried. So here you go:

next two with flash
ruthless indulgence makes an awesome liner! so much more sparkly in person too.
last one with flash

Eyes (all applied in this order):
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Detrivore Eye Primer (applied all around the eye, rubbing in gently with ring finger)
AL - ruthless indulgence (applied to outer V with MAC 239 by patting/sweeping)
AL - brazen & bitter (applied to outer half of upper lid and mid lower lash line with MAC 239 by patting)
AL - airy ethos (applied to inner half of upper lid with MAC 239 by patting/sweeping)
AL - glow (applied to inner corner with MAC 228 by patting/sweeping)
AL - snow (applied under brow with MAC 217 by patting/sweeping)
AL - ruthless indulgence (applied with Graftobian Magic Set Mixing & Lining Liquid to upper lash line, using MAC 210 extending out)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner - Eldorado (water line)
Hard Candy Ginormous Mascara in Black Out (lower lashes)
Ardell Lashes #113

Lips: NYX Round lipgloss...I forgot and will add it in when I remember!

Skin MD Shielding lotion 
AL Voilé Foundation Powder in 2CL (applied with Jumbo buffer brush)
AL Illuminator Finishing Powder (applied with Jumbo Flat Top brush)
AL You're a Doll! Gothic Lolita Rouge in Dolly (applied to cheeks with a small blush brush) 
I hope you are doing well. I will do my best to catch up on comments and your blogs this weekend. 


  1. Wow! This is one of my favorite looks ever! I'm not sure I could pull it off as well as you, but it's gorgeous!

  2. This is really cute! I like the color placement.

  3. I love the colour combination. Very summery. I hope you feel better soon, keep napping and drink lots of tea!

  4. I love this, very firey! I hope you feel better soon :)

  5. So flawless & very feminine... And I absolutely love the lily ! VR eyeshadows are indeed great as liners :)

  6. So beautiful! Like a tropical bird. :)

  7. Those colors work and blend together so well. Well, I know part of that is your artistry in creating it too. :) I hope this look made you feel better. You do look great.

  8. damnnnnn you won't believe it , but today I made this look for a wedding! The woman was wearing an oriental dress and I made this look with glitter on the lid :)
    This is simply gorgeous, love it, you are awesome ;)

  9. so so pretty! I hope you feel better soon!

  10. Beautiful, I love how the flower compliments all the colors ^_^... Feel better!!!!!

  11. love this so much! love the color combos!

  12. New follower! LOving the color combination ;-) Take care

  13. Brilliant and striking! These colors give a beautiful autumn-y vibe with your eye color... lovely.

  14. Just LoOOoOve the combo here :) very nicely done...

  15. Your makeup is gorgeous, as usual, and has a sweet taste of summer. Your lipstick is sparkling orchid or something like that? And I must admit that you put your lashes extremely well.

  16. Awesome make up look! Hope you're feeling better soon. x

  17. This is an awesome look and i really like how gorgeous you look with the flower in your hair :-)

  18. Yay for big flowers!! Awesome combo, I can see me trying this in the fall time. It reminds me of walking in leaves :)
    I sowwy you feeling ickers :(

  19. I love the firey lid <3 and ew, feel better soon! :( why are you having such a bad reaction to the meds? Am I just a freak for not having it too? D:

  20. You are so beautiful and I love all your make-ups you have shown here... so professional :)

  21. Such a pretty look, and very well executed! I'm sorry the pill's making you feel crappy. I switched pills a couple times (long story), and came across one that made me nauseous and dizzy 24/7, so got off that one fast. It is no fun at all. I hope you get back to feeling better soon!