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Monday, June 28, 2010

Club Pics from Friday June 25

Since I didn't have time to post these over the weekend and then forgot about them, I'm posting these now. With our friend Mark visiting, we took him dancing last Friday. It was a lot of fun! Nothing spectacular happened. It was an all around normal/fun night. No craziness. Although I didn't get any "makeup" pics, I used Stars Makeup Haven's Smokey Quad to do smokey eyes and was wearing Ardell Lacies and Morgana Minerals Vegan Lipstick in Very Cherry. I made STOOOPID faces most of the night. It was Mark's fault!


Wish I could remember what Tyler was talking about...I'm like, "wow"

Becky and her man Christian's Mark's fault!

Jason, me and Mark

Becky and Tyler (I snapped this because I caught her singing) Hee hee! I don't even remember what the song was.

Me and Tyler

Tyler was showing me pics of his lady friend (Jason looks very calm)

I think I was acting like I was going to take a bite out of him...I look totally crazy.

Jason dancing

Me and Jason

I have no idea...but Mark kept taking pictures of us.


We were talking all close on each other and Mark and Tyler were telling us to get a room, so we were laughing. Was funny!

Dance time!


More dance time!

Mark was trying to get pics of Jas dancing and these girls kept getting in the he was taking pictures of them or something.

See what I mean?

Wonder what he's smiling about sitting by himself!

Weeeee! I have no idea who the guy on the right is...but he wanted to join in.

Mark dancing or stretching?

Mark sleeping on the way home.

So that is what we did on Friday night. Hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend! 

I'm off to go exercise. I'm feeling like cardio kickboxing tonight. Need to punch and kick the air!


  1. I looove the look! And I ADORE super red lipstick. I usually use Dr. Hauschka... but I'm definitely gonna try Very Cherry now!

  2. I love your "get a room" pic. You two look so happy. Looks like you had fun. I wonder if we have a club like that in Abq - probably not. LOL

  3. These pictures of you are making me feel fat, lol. I'm going to work out now haha. Your makeup looks so nice though :)


  4. Haha! I always love the pictures of your parties. Everyone having fun, and your look is gorgeous, the makeup, but also the "hair stuff" (how could I call this?) and the clothes :).
    Have a nice day!!!

  5. seems like you had fun!!:) great pics and you're very pretty.:)

  6. you look stunning darling! love your makeup and outfit!

  7. teeheee I love funneh faces :) You can make that one eyebrow go so effing high! I'm so jealous!! Badass!

    Also, I'm super sorry to hear AL is closing, I know you spent a load of time and eyelashes to get those swatch pics done :(

  8. This looks like one of my favourite clubs at home! Low ceiling, exposed bricks... Bah, I hate where I live at the moment!

  9. As usual, I love seeing your club pics :)

  10. Looks like you had fun!
    Lool love your funny expressions! x

  11. LOL @ those girls.

    Your facial expressions always crack me up XD

  12. Haha, I love the random guy photobombing in the third to last pic!!

  13. Aww, looks like epic fun. :)

  14. I can't help but ask : linedancing for neo-goths? Never seen so many different people do the same moves at the same time.

    Your club-pictures always look like loads of fun

  15. I'm glad you ladies enjoyed the pictures. It was a really fun night. I danced and sweated me arse off.
    No line dancing at this club...and nobody even remotely dances the same. It's a crazy, fun mix of people and dance styles. I think the pictures just happened to capture people in similar poses but the movements totally aren't the same. I'll have to do some videos some time and post 'em for you all to see. :-D
    We have nicknames for a lot of people we don't know just based on the way they dance. Some are hilarious!