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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gasmasquerade Pics

Friday night we went dancing at the annual Gasmasquerade.  I had made a gas mask but let my friend Mike wear it so he could get in free. I wore very minimal eye makeup, just red glitter liner (Aromaleigh's redshadows glitter applied with Graftobian GlitterGlam Liquid Skin Sparkle Clear Mixing Base) and Ardell faux lashes #113.  It was a very fun night. :-) 
I forgot to bring some lipgloss or chapstick so my lips were uncomfortable most of the night! Damn!

Jenny, can't remember her name!, moi

Goofy girls!

behind you!

Adam and my man Jason

Me and Mike

dance floor

Jason was hot and sweaty from wearing his mask...I needed some chapstick!

Tyler making a bitter beer face

Jason and Sarah

Them again

Mike and Jason

Jacob (far left), Kellen (dancing just left of the box) and Sarah (dancing on the box)

Jason and Mike

Jenny and moi


Fran Boy and moi

Jenny and Jason


Reese and Moi

my tongue almost matches the red in his mask...

moi and the man

WTF? There are soooo many things wrong with this picture. Can you tell me what you see?!

 Jason, Mike, me and Tyler (he looks scared)

much better pic

Mike getting his dance on

Jason and moi

Jason, me and Mike

Mike's face! ha!

Sarah and me

Adam from Studio Apocalypse took this of me dancing so I stole it!

What have you been up to this weekend?


  1. Looks like you had a fab weekend...that night looks like so much fun! :) My weekend was nearly as crazy as yours! I was so tired I just ended up chilling out on the sofa watch sci-fi.

  2. OMGWTF at that weird guy dancing! It took me a couple seconds to notice that he had a swastika taped on his man boob. What a tool. I don't understand why some people think it's okay to bust that out at Goth clubs. I find that the closet nazi's usually to come out for military nights...but this seems to be just a regular night. Hah, and he looks like a prison bitch, too. Weird.

    You look fab, as always. I love the red liner on you, its so vibrant. I know what its like to not have chapstick when you need it...worst feeling ever!

  3. lmao! That one picture needs to go on

    It looks amazinnng, and so do you! I love the masks, they're fabulous!

  4. That swastika was makeup I hope or did that buy stray into the wrong crowd? It would be bad if he came across somebody that didn't get the joke.

  5. So, can I buy Fran Boy? Cause I simply MUST have him.

  6. These are crazy pictures!! It makes me remember that this kind of party would totally be impossible in France :'(. Your makeup is lovely!!!

  7. when Ryan saw the pic of the boy with the swastika he said and I quote "it's facing the wrong direction so it actually the very old symbol for the sun" well that's not quite what he said but it's close. but yea looks like any normal person would see a swastika.

  8. The night was fun. But the guy's swastika is a real tattoo, not makeup or tape. It does have the "dots" in it so it's not the typical nazi swastika, more of the traditional Indian (from India) religious symbol. However, regardless of that, his outfit, the guys who was all over him and the other guy who looked like "let's blow this popsicle stand" was WEIRD and funny!

    Francisco is awesome, you know you all want him!

  9. Where do you guys live that you have awesome clubs like this? I live in Oklahoma & the goth culture is ZILCH here. We have like one club that even so much as acknowledges goths(on one night of the week, at least), and the rest of the time its just club kids & drag shows. Bah!

    Le sigh.