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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010 Camping Trip #1

Camping Trip pictures! I'm labeling this as #1 because there will be more trips in the future.

Jason and I got back from our camping trip on Sunday. It was a lot of fun as always. We typically go once a month for a whole weekend. So you will see more camping pics in the future.
When we go camping there aren't showers but there are bathrooms. We don't sleep in a tent, we sleep in a VW camper van. No, we don't smoke pot. I can't tell you how often people ask us for weed because of the car we drive, or say "peace, dude!" as we drive by. No, we're not hippies. I'm sure you can tell that from the millions of pictures I have posted.
Anyway, I don't feel comfortable sleeping in a tent even though I have dozens of times as a kid, so we sleep in the camper. The sounds of bugs and animals keep me awake. We have tons of bear activity out here as well as other wild life (I don't wanna be bear food!). We have woken up in the middle of the night with a huge group of elk walking through the camp ground and the car was completely surrounded. They are beautiful creatures, but more so from a safe distance in my opinion. :-)  They are aggressive and they will trample you if you get too close.

I'm going to rant for a moment. I have had a lot people (guys and girls) give me total crap for wearing makeup when I go camping. Who in the world said wearing makeup camping, hiking or doing whatever outdoorsy stuff was bad? It's not like I'm wearing drag makeup, just simple makeup. My makeup that I take camping has much needed sunscreen in it. Face powder, lipstick and eyeshadow all have spf. So seriously, quit giving me crap. You should give crap to the men and women who stink of perfume and cologne that draw horrible bugs our way! Or complain about the people that go camping and blast terrible music and sports. Those people annoy me! So anyway. I wore Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 powder in translucent light, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in stash and filled in my 'brows. That's it though.

Anyway, here are the pics. Hope you enjoy.

This is our set up. Pop top camper, sleeps four people has fridge, stove and sink. One of Jason's many motorcycles gets us around without having to take everything down from the van.

view from the other side

view from our camp spot

We went on a 6.8 mile hike up to Fern Lake. There were pretty wild flowers everywhere along the way.

close up of one

I can't remember what this is called but we call it rootbeer falls because that's what it looks like to us. Although not very much in the pictures. 

view in the opposite direction

Why do I look pissed?!

I don't look pissed here. :-D

Once we got higher in the trails, we started seeing snow and it was getting much cooler.

After a couple hours of booty blasting hiking, we finally made it to Fern Lake!

It was so gorgeous up there!

Me eating a granola bar and holding onto my hat for dear life. It was very windy there and my hat would blow away if I didn't hold onto it.

Jason and me stuffing my face.

fun bridge we had to cross

another view of Fern Lake.

Me sitting on a small rock. My legs were tired.

me and Jason

That cloud looked really fake to us.

more of Fern Lake

Jason taking a picture of us and I was like, "what is he doing?" 

Oh hey!

Me and Jason

He took so many picture where I either look like an idiot or look like I'm posing...

There was a nice mist from the waterfall. Was cold and refreshing!

Jason's turn

Jason wanted a burger for dinner.

view from the fire

better close up

Sun coming through the trees

Jason looking at his booboo (big splinter from the firewood)

Looks like zombies could come running from over there at any moment!

Jason hanging out by the fire

Me and Jason

There are the zombies...


close up

Me and Jason

Jason making us breakfast
 Ha! I look stupid!

inside of the kelty carport

view on our way back home

 Do you like camping or doing anything outdoorsy?


  1. You and Jason always do so much fun stuff together :) I hope when I am married we will do stuff like this all the time too. I used to HATE camping, but this summer I have had such an urge to go, lol.

  2. I love camping :)
    For our honey moon ten years a go my hubby and I took our back bag and made camping! It was just the best trip of my life :)
    Since I'm 7 I'm doing camping.
    You made great pics you made me miss camping :(

  3. That looks like an awesome camping trip! I don't mind sleeping in a tent, BUT..... it has to be a BIG tent. I like medieval style pavilion tents that are at least 14 x 14 feet. My husband is buying one for us soon.

    The hike up to Fern Lake looks like it was fun, although that bridge would have been it for me unless I crawled over it because of my lack of balance.

    Before my youngest daughter was born, we used to hike along the Appalachian Trail in New England packing all of our stuff for an overnight. Even the dog carried in his own stuff in a dog pack.

    FTR - I always wear make-up for the same reason you do, sun protection. My husband swears the house could be burning down & I would grab my sunscreen & the dog before running out.

    ~ Hoyden

  4. You have such a pretty area to camp! It's so dry in NM - all we have is dirt with some trees. LOL You look pretty even while camping - it's just not fair! I love to camp but with 2 little ones, it doesn't happen nearly as often as I'd like!

  5. That Wolksvagen is cool! Must make trips like that so much easier.

    I am outdoorsy. As long as I get to bring my coffee, I'm up for anything

  6. That camper van is sweet! I kinda want one. (But I've been swearing to make a teardrop trailer one day, so I probably don't need both. Hm.)

    We're going camping around the Fourth of July. My husband used to hate the outdoors and bugs even more than I do, and swore he'd never rough it, and here we are, about to sleep in a tent. I'm psyched. (I think we're getting an air mattress, though. Don't know if that counts as "roughing it" exactly.)

  7. That looks like alot of fun~ ^^ I love the forest and being outside. Unfortunately there's no where to camp nearby, we'd have to drive up into the mountains which is I think, 3 hours or so away. Plus my youngest sister and brother would not be interested in going camping. My mom's not fond of camping either, mainly if there's no showers.
    But, I love it. xD We went to california last summer to go "camping" but we stayed in a little cottage. I took some eyeshadows with me as well. There's nothing wrong with looking fabulous while you walk through the forest, right? ;p

  8. wow, looks like the perfect setting for a relaxing weekend ! Surroundings look beautiful.

    We've got a mahoosive tent, but it would take us hours to do it up, so we don't go camping for the weekend. By the time it's up it would be time to take it down lol.
    I like visiting the countryside though.
    OH had a campervan once, but he sold it after I moved in with him. Now he's into trikes lol. Don't think I'll ever go on one of those though, bit scary I think ! x

  9. It seems to be a lovely trip! I only go to camping when my boyfriend and I go to festivals in Belgium or in Germany. Usually, when I want to do some camping, a malediction happens and it rains til I come back at home... Your trip really seems nice! Where is the Fern Lake? Have a nice evening! (I just received my Morgana stuff because of you bad girl ^^)

  10. I haven't gone camping like this in a long time but I'm going on a 3-week central europe tour in August with my best friend and we're taking a tent with us. We are going from campsite to campsite mostly. We're also going to spend the night in some hostels but mostly at a campsite. I'm so looking forward to that trip.

  11. Looks like fun! Very beautiful views :)
    I've never went camping.. Would like to though. Maybe someday if I have someone to go with, and somewhere where to go..

    There's nothing wrong with wearing make up when going camping, hiking or something. I don't understand why do other people give a fuck about that, it's only your business if you wear make up or not, why do they care. O_o

  12. Looks like a lot of fun! I have never been properly camping, just stayed in a campng ground and that was about ten years ago. I'm sure i'd be useless at anything outdoorsy, i'm too feeble and weak :P

  13. OOh, what beautiful pictures! I will have to admit I am a lurker on this blog! I love, love the looks that you put together! You are so talented at makeup! Okay enough of my sycophancy on your talent, but your amazing!
    To your question,I love to put my makeup on when I am relaxing, so outdoors is perfect. You can't beat the lighting. Also it makes you not look like you slept on the ground (in my case!)
    Thank you, great post!

  14. I totally agree. I had a camping trip with my school the other day, and (since I'm Goth), yes I did dress up. Every one thought it was so wierd for me to be wearing a skirt, platform creepers and a vest out to camping. Meanwhile they all dressed in their 'Nike, I'm so normal' clothes! Anyways, I love camping, too!

  15. Holy crap, it's all so ridiculously pretty *____* I love how different it looks compared to the Aussie wilderness.