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Friday, October 29, 2010

Gold and Blue Morgana Cryptoria look + Bday bash pics

This look is from last Friday. I have not been able to post it since we made the big move to the new house last weekend. Which is awesome! I rushed this look, took the pics and then left for the party. We got home fairly late then started packing up the rest of our stuff to head out. We've been unpacking and shopping for things for the house since then. So I really don't remember everything I used for this look or the application. I just remember I used Kryolan Shimmering vision palette in gold as a base, which turned the purple shadows blue! I wasn't expecting that at all. But I think it worked out well. I've never done gold and blue together.
The shadows are Morgana Cryptoria. The purples are Axe to Grind and Lady Godiva. But I have no clue which gold that is. The lipgloss is Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour not sure which but it's very neutral.

Since we're moved in now and the Halloween rush orders are slowing down, I will be able to start reading/commenting on your bloggies. I've missed you all!


Party pics:
Christian and his Dinosaur cake! It was yummy!

 David, Rob and Tiffany

 Tiffany hiding

 Jason, some guy's butt and Christian

 Jason's bottle he was drinking out of turned his lips a dark colour! Looks like he's been making out with a zombie!

 Ryan, David and Jason (he looks like a little boy)

 Jason...still with dark lips...

 Tiffany, Becky and April

 Tiffany, Becky, April, Rob (looking seriously angry), and some guy I didn't get his name

 The only picture of me from the party

 Tiffany be afraid of cameras!

 Aw, she's so sweet! :-P


 Ryan hugging Becky goodbye and Christian staring at the fire.

 Jason and David. That's probably the worst fake smile I have ever seen him make!

 Ryan and Christian


 Creepy face


Mark and PJ!

That's all for now. I have a Halloween look and another look I'll post sometime soon. I need to get to work and then do some catching up on your blogs!



  1. Wowww your eyes look divine as always!!! Lovely pics!

  2. Your makeup looks awesome. I love how the inside corner is lighter than the rest of the eye. Look like the party was fun (and cold).

  3. Yay! Looks like you had fun :)

  4. gash, i cant help it but to LOVE LOVE LOVE your eyebrows!

    seems like you had a fun time ^^

  5. Very pretty gold and blue look! Is there any combo you can't pull off? :P

  6. You look gorgeous! You have very striking eyes!

  7. Random, but your hair looks luscious here! Yes, I used the word luscious ;] *strokes* *is a creeper*

  8. Nice pics - looks like you had a good night!

    Love the eyeshadow - the little touch of gold in the corner looks beautiful though I cant help thinking the whole thing looks pretty good cos of your flawless skin. Some people have all the luck :p