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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween pictures!

Just wanted to share some fun pictures from Halloween. I went to a few Halloween events and had a blast! First was Club Sanctuary, then a friend's Halloween party, then my Halloween party at my house.

Tons more pics from the club night are posted on facebook here:

Club Sanctuary Pics:
Help me!

 Click below for the rest of the pictures!


 I did Nicole's zombie makeup.


 Chad stalking Tyler

 Nicole biting Chad

 It was time to kill the zombie!

 Rob and my hubby, Jason, DJing.

 Attacking Jason...

 Trying to commit zombie suicide...


 Naughty, April, teaching me a lesson!


 Thomas and Jason

 Bender is great!

 Dana and Steve

 Dawn and Trey

 Me and Beeto

 Beeto and Nicole

 The zombie located the brains...

 This guy needed to die!

Dale and Vic's Halloween party:
 Me and Jason

 Not sure what this is about.

 Tiffany as Effie

 Hail Satan!

 Vampire Sue trying to scare Dale, the Death Eater.

 Vic the evil Jester!

 Vic got his makeup on me. :-)

 Me and Jason at the end of the night

 Dale's cool yard!

My Halloween House party:



 Me, Terri and Cat

 Terri and Charlie

 Cat, Terri and Charlie

 Me and Jason (Dr. Howie Feltersnach)


 Me and Cat

 Charlie and Tyler



 Marshmallow man and Lady Gaga!

 Uh oh...

 This cracks me up!

 April and Sam

 Duane and Duke

 Vic and his woman


 My bathroom! It was creepy at night since we took all the light bulbs out so you could not turn on the light. You had to deal with evil strobes!

 Are you brave enough to use this?

My shower. :-)

The end!


  1. Replies
    1. The bathroom was definitely the best part of all the decorations that night. :-)

  2. Ha!! I absolutely adore your costume... I'm watching my husband play that video game right now...and then I look at you...and back at his computer...and now I'm going insane!!
    Looks like a lot of fun!! :-)

  3. Great costumes! Love Dr. Howie Feltersnatch. Better than Dr. Seymore Busch. :)

    1. I have to agree, definitely better!

  4. omg I LOVED your Alice Madness costumes! Awesome! Loved Dales yard too!!!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these fun pics, you look very different when you are green ;) Your friends looked amazing too!

    1. You are welcome. :-) Yeah, the green was weird for sure. A lot of people didn't even notice the gross blood on my teeth.

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