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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Smoky Red Eye Makeup Look + Club pictures

Last night I didn't get to sleep until after 4 am. My hubby DJ's at a once a month club event and that's where we were last night. Was a lot of fun, but I am so tired. Since we had to get to the venue early for him to set up DJ gear and lighting equipment, I decided to bring my clothes/makeup to get ready there while they set up. Not a very good idea! The lighting in the bathroom was terrible and I'm used to sitting at my comfy vanity with my magnifying mirror. Doing my makeup at the club made me feel super spoiled with my vanity set up. I felt like I couldn't see anything and I was so uncomfortable standing leaned in so close with my head tilted back. Next time, I'll bring my mirror, a chair and a lamp if I have to!

Since I couldn't see very well, I didn't even bother with attempting my usual winged liner and faux lashes. However, here is how my makeup turned out. Not too shabby. But I would have done more if I had a better set up.

Anyway, the night was a blast. There were several people there celebrating their Birthdays. I made cupcakes to pass out and all were gone by the end of the night! I also lost my camera at some point so I couldn't take many pictures. Some nice person found it and returned it to the DJ booth before the night was over. :-)

I'm wearing Morgana Cryptoria eyeshadows in Old Bloody Mary and Harbinger. The inner corner has a bit of NYX. On my lips I'm wearing e.l.f.'s matte lip color in Rich Red with Morgana Cryptoria Fire Brick on top.

Me and Chad
Click below for the rest of the club pictures!

 DJ Rob!

 Terri, possessed while DJing!

 Me and Cat

 Silly Sue climbing the DJ booth latter

 Me, Jason and Rob, being goofy in the DJ booth

 My awesome saucy friend, Lori!

 Us together

 Silly Tiffany

 Hot Tiffany! I made her necklace. :-)

 Me and the hubs. He was drunky. ;-)

 Folks dancing

 Tiffany and Rob

 Me and Tiffany

 Chad was attempting to grab Jason's butt, but he caught him and Chad improvised. ;-)

 Me and Chad

 Chad and Jason

 He's my hubby! I'm allowed to grab his ass if I wanna! Although I think I was distracting him from DJing...

 Me and Thom

 zee dance floor

 dance floor with no flash

 Edgar was singing along to the song

Dimitri! :-)

The End.


  1. I love your dress! Looks like you guys have a nice scene/club. :)

  2. The makeup turned out great, the warm colors look awesome with your dress. I want Tiffany's necklace!

    1. Thank you! My nail polish matched my dress which was fun. I might make Tiffany's necklace available for sale. Not sure yet.

  3. Great outfit! Your makeup still turned out awesome even though you had poor lighting. That would drive me nuts!!

    1. It did drive me nuts. I'm surprised it turned out as well as it did...