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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Funny Party pictures

This was from a few months ago. We had a party at my house and I never got around to posting these pictures but figured I should now for your entertainment. :-)

 Ha! First pic of the night. I love this! He was putting a bottle of Vodka away while talking and laughing. He looks like, "'s finally mine! My precioussssss!"

More hilarious pictures after the break!

Blinking Rob and Mike


Tiffany trying to hide from zee camera!

Tyler stealing all the Jalapeno poppers!

 No, Tava wasn't drunk yet. She's always this way! Her name is pronounced Tay-vuh in case anyone was wondering.

More goofy Tava

Miah and Rob talking...and making a face at me!

 Miah and Rob again

 Tiffany forcing Ryan to molester her boobies!

Then Tava wanted to participate...and yes, that is a vampire bite tattoo on Tiffany's breast! I made her necklace too!

 I can't remember if I was talking to Jason or kissing him...could be both. But he looks excited!

 Who took a picture of my ass?!

 Angela looking less grumpy than usual. :-)

Tava! The sexy beast!

 Miah and me!

 We were trying to do the fish face

 More sexy beast!

Fixin' the hair


 Fish face with chins...I love his shirt!


No idea what Ryan was doing

 Tiffany and Rob

 The end of the night. Tava was really drunk and tired. So we set up a sleeping bag on the couch for her. She was trying to sleep and Miah...well, was hitting on her. Was cute but I think she was too drunk to realize this. She told him, "Tell me a bed time story or get outta my face!".  Hahahaa! the rescue!

Hello there Miah, yes, I'm stealing your woman! :-P



  1. Ahhhhhhaaah that woz fun!Thanks for posting, i luv these kinds of pictures!

  2. Some of those pictures were really, really funny. :-)

  3. Too cute! And I stared at Miah's sign for about....ten minutes. Does it say "boob"?