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Thursday, September 29, 2011

OOTD: Black dress, heels and Burgundy lace tights

This is from Monday. This skirt seems really short, but it has built in shorts for just in case the wind blows the wrong way. :-)

Maya harassing me for attention again. Yes, I'm looking down at her.  :-)

Top is from La Redoute:

Vest is a plain vest from Body Central ( I changed the buttons to gears. :-)

Skirt is a dance skirt from eBay.

Tights are from Target, they kinda match my hair...

Heels are from eBay. I also added gears to these. :-)



  1. Omg the dress is gorgeous on you :D

  2. I love the idea of wearing the skirts with the shorts in. Genius!

  3. Are the cuff bracelets some of your own creations? Yea, I did those tights!!

  4. I love the tights, and you are right, they DO match your hair a bit. :-)

  5. I just love your style <3 And kitty is so cute <3 My cats want to come pictures too :)

  6. When did you buy those tights from Target? I love them! But my local target's selection was kinda lame last I checked...wonder if it's a seasonal thing? your blog btw!!! :)