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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OOTD: Black Dress with Lace Tights and Witchy Boots

Another outfit that's not really a dress. Just pulled a skirt up to just below my bust line, over a 3/4 sleeve top. Than added a purple and black lace harness belt to keep the skirt in place. :-)

 My little princess Maya was trying to get my attention the entire time I was trying to get pictures done.

3/4 sleeve black shirt is from Target

Purple and Black lace harness is from Hot topic. I normally hate that store but they do have some cute stuff once in a while.

chiffon full circle skirt is from eBay:

Diamond lace tights are from eBay:

Black leather Victorian boots:


Athan harassed me awake this morning. He was kneading dough on my hair and meowing in my face, then stopped when my husband came in to capture it with the camera. I look dead...ha!  He looks guilty.

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