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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Picture Tutorial: Romantic Purple, Copper and Brown Makeup look with Morgana Cryptoria

I realized I have not done a tutorial since March, So I'll be doing some tutorials to make up for it. :-)

Here's an easy look. It is very romantic to me. Love this colour combo so much!


Click below for the picture tutorial.

 Apply a very tiny amount of whatever anti-crease primer you like to the upper lid with ring finger, let it set about 30 seconds. Then apply Detrivore Eye Primer all over the upper lid and lower lash line using the ring finger as well.

 Using a fluffy blending brush, apply Morgana's Butler Did it to the outer crease by lightly patting and swirling.

 Using a fluffy blending brush, apply Morgana's Conspiring Copper to the middle crease by patting then sweeping.

 Using a small shader brush, apply Morgana's Mystic Lavender to upper lid by patting and lightly sweeping upward.

 Using a small shader brush, apply Morgana's Butler Did it to the outer lower lash line by patting then sweeping inward.

 Apply Simply Natural's Fantasy Copper to the inner V by patting on with a small brush.

 Use a fluffy blending brush and apply elf - innocent just under the brow blending downward and sweeping in a windshield wiper motion (side to side).

 Take a liner brush like MAC 210 to mix with water and Kryolan Aquacolor liner - Black (the best liquid liner ever!) to get the consistency you like and gently, slowly apply to the upper lash line and extend outward to form a wing. Remember practice, patience and a steady hand will create lovely winged liner.
If you don't have Kryolan Aquacolor liner, then use whatever liner you want.

 Apply false lashes. I used Ardell #113

 Apply your fav black mascara to the lower lashes. Aaaaand you're finished...with the eyes!

 For the lips I applied a Morgana lip balm (I'm not sure which one this is, it says Goldspun and I don't think that is correct as it is not gold and doesn't match the picture/description from the website. I noticed this AFTER I started posting this...When I figure out which one it is, I'll add it here!):

Then apply Milani's 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Leading Lady

Here's the rest of what is on my face:

Eyebrows: Ardell eyebrow powder in soft black (applied with MAC 266)

Face: Skin MD Shielding lotion
Sobe Mineral Foundation in Light Neutral (applied with a vegan flat buffer brush by patting, then buffing)
Sobe DuoChrome Blush in After All

I hope this tutorial was helpful!


  1. love love this tut Blix..amazing

  2. Oh, I love your Looks! This one is so classic und you look so classy! But I love your colourful ones too!!! :-)

  3. The lips look amazing, the glitter looks almost like a flakie polish :D

  4. yesss i love the color combo too! here's my version of it from dec'10 - - mine's a little heavier and without false lashes but you've inspired me to do it again! <3

  5. Wow that lipstick looks fabulous on you!

  6. omgg i loveee the Butler Did It color!

  7. wow, you look incredible! very...high end :D love this lip color

    Vonnie of

  8. DROOOOOOOL. Love that lip combo so much, and the little pop of orange in the crease is so cute!

  9. Yay! Another tutorial. I love the way you do these.

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  11. I gave you a blog award :) You can check it out at

  12. love it! great color combo on the eyes, very pretty.

  13. oops. sorry about the label mixup. That might be Bathory. Does your Bathory tube look like Goldspun is supposed to? ;)

  14. Thats a great look too, I think I'll give it a go this week! Mystic Lavender is quite pretty!