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Friday, April 9, 2010

Yellow, Lime and Violet + Glitter Liner look using My Stuff

These eyeshadow colours I made forever ago with my TKB micas, glitters and sparks. The yellow one is basically Lemon POP with a butt ton of added sparkles, while the rest are blends I made with various micas and added sparks for more sparkles. Nothing super spectacular, but I love the POP collection and wanted something similar but with much more sparkle, so I made these. :-D
The glitter liner I made using black glitter with a hint of holographic glitter mixed in. I mixed it with Sally Girl Glitter Glue Gel and applied it with the MAC 210 brush. Just remember that because it is glitter, it won't always go on very sleek and precise. It applied fairly well for me, just takes some mixing to get the right consistency for using as a liner. If there's not enough glitter, it goes on too light, if there is too much glitter in the gel, it goes on super cakey and becomes hard to work with. So if you want to try the glitter glue with glitter to line, it may take a while to get it how you like it. I'm pleased with mine and plan on using this a lot with all the weird glitter combos I have already made. Hello Rainbow Vomit glitter liner! Hee hee!
I think my skin hates me right now. My psoriasis has flared up a bit. It's not terrible looking compared to what is has been or could be, but it's still quite uncomfortable. You can only see it a little bit in the pics (small pink/red splotches). It's dry, itchy and flaky mostly around my mouth, nose and cheeks. I did not care to cover them up with concealer or photoshop them out. Too lazy and don't have time for that right now anyway. So bare with me please!
Oh! And I'm finally wearing my Azalea Blue lipstick. So awesome! All pics are done with flash.

This is sooo much more sparkly in person!!!

Eyes (all applied in this order):
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (applied all around the eye area up to brow and rubbed in gently with ring finger)
My Stuff - Sparkle Yellow (applied to inner corner by patting/sweeping with MAC 228)
My Stuff - Sparkle Lime (applied to lid with MAC 239 by patting/sweeping)
My Stuff - Sparkle Violet (applied to outer V and crease with Coastal Scents Pink crease brush)
Simply Natural's - Angel (applied under brow with MAC 217, softening the edges of SV)
My Stuff - Black Disco Glitter Liner (applied with MAC 210 to upper lash line extending out)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner - Deviant (water line)
Hard Candy Ginormous Mascara in Black Out

NYX lip liner pencil in Fuschia
Morgana Vegan Lipstick in Azalea Blue

Sweet Sensations Body Cafe Peppermint Face Cream (applied with fingertips)
Earth-Glo Minerals powder foundation in Lightest Nude (applied with kabuki brush)


  1. Very pretty & perfect for spring :o)

  2. Ugh. I have psoriasis too. Not on my face yet, though. Just my scalp and occasional spots around my body. :S It seems as though I have an extreme dandruff problem, but it really isn't. This winter has been terrible for my skin.

    Love the makeup!

  3. gorjuz look,these colours look fantastic together!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the lips, as you know :)
    I really like eyes, too.

    How do you like the foundation?

  5. Beautiful! I love the blue waterline and Azalea Blue! So gorgeous :)

  6. Is Azalea Blue available on the site? It looks like it would be my favorite Morgana color - and it would match my Lovely Android Pinkpocalypse blush perfectly! (Also, TKB micas for the win)

  7. I luuuuuurve the green with the yellow.

  8. OOOOO I really love this! That mint green color is rocking my socks.

  9. I seriously can't tell you have any skin condition, your skin always looks great in photos.

    And yay for Azalea Blue! I'm probably going to make my first Morgana order this weekend, are there any shadows or glitters that you recommend? I know what lipsticks Ima get, and i'll have to check out the Medieval collection once its up, but yeah. :)

  10. Oh my God I love the colours. I loooooove the bright pink lip with it as well.