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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last night was weird but fun!

We went dancing with some friends last night. It was fun. But like I said, it was weird. There are always some weirdo people at clubs no matter when or where you go. I wore more clothes than I normally do when going dancing, and I wore my hair down, which I almost never do when dancing. I had more dudes staring and hitting on me than I have in a while. No, I am NOT bragging. It's nice once in a while, but when you just want to have a good time with your husband and friends, it can be more than annoying. "Some guy" was staring at me all night. He wasn't even trying to be discrete about it like most people would be. My friend Nicole was like, "OMG, why is that guy staring at you like that?!".  Dude, I dunno. But it was kind of creepy in a funny way. He would stand about 4-5 feet away from me and turn and stare at me for a few seconds, then turn away. He kept doing it over and over. He never said anything to me, but he looked like he wanted to. You know what I mean.
 Again, no, I'm not bragging or trying to say, "damn, I'm so hot that this guy was staring at me all night."  I'm not even sure that is why he was staring. But if he was, I'm saying it's normal for a guy to look at a gal, think she is attractive and admire her. But don't stare like a creepo so much that all her friends notice and say WTF? Jason, myself and all our friends knew what he was doing. So it was weird and a little awkward. If you want to say something, just do it! I won't bite...hard.
Anyway! Here are a few photos we managed to get of the night. We didn't take as many as we usually do because "that guy" was around a lot.
Peek a boo! I have lipgloss on my chin from eating a burrito...why didn't anyone tell me?! Maybe that is why "that guy" was staring at me. He just wanted to tell me to fix it! Hee hee.

Mike looking scary. I must have been licking my lips...

Mike wearing his bug eye goggles

Mike making a face like he pooped his pants ("that guy" is in this picture in the very back ground in the center of the pic)

Me and Jason 



Me and Barry

Jeff doing his Goth dance

I'm sure the guy in the grey shirt thought I was taking pictures of him. I was actually taking pictures of the guy wearing the red & black shirt with white socks and shoes. He looks like somebody's Dad. Like he shouldn't have been there. But he was totally dancing and getting into it. Was great! I wasn't making fun of him, I thought it was awesome he was dancing!

Moi and Jason

Jason and Dimitri

Jason, Dimitri and Mike

washed out picture of Jason

Nicole (in black top and blue jeans) dancing


Arrrr Matey!

What did you do last night? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will be playing catch up on comments as well as working on swatches for Aromaleigh. :-D


  1. eeek, I hate when guys get creepy. Once I went to a club with my guy and my brother and we were sitting around a table just the 3 of us and some creepo sits behind me. By guy was talking to my brother and I feel something touching my ankle and I figured it was my guy trying to find a spot to sit his feet (they were hiiigh ass chairs) but look down and his feet are sitting directly in front of him, creepo was touching me!! eeeeeep. So I'm like "COME ON GUYS COME ON!" And pull them away and find a new table and tell them what happened. Of course dink ass brother can't stop laughing. So we hang there for a bit and then all of a sudden I fell it again! Asshat followed us! This time I grabbed the ice from my drink and threw it at him. Problem solved :D

    Teeheee the word today is Dermicat, sound like skin cream for le kittehs.

  2. I love your eye makeup here. Its too bad a creepo was raining on your parade. Theirs a few in every club though...especially in Gothy bars. I've had my fair share of dealing with creeps that don't know when to look away. Looks like you had fun regardless.
    Looking forward to swatches!

  3. I like how you styled your hair and did your makeup!
    I wanna see the swatches :)

  4. Well, I would've stared at you, too! You look amazing! But I know what you mean. And the guy looks like the classic staring guy type.

  5. Omg I hope you call Barry 'Bazza' :D it's the best yobbo nickname ever. BAZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    I did karaoke last night, and didn't even have to get sloshed to get into it. Im sure the owners appreciated my manly voice :D

  6. Awesome pics! This looks like a sweet club :) Shame about the creepy staring guy...usually whenever I go out there's always at least one person around who's doing something like that.

    Your make-up looks gorgeous as always!

  7. Looks like a really relaxed club..laid back and such.
    I've had 'visual stalkers' in clubs before. They can be a little off putting!

  8. KittenMittens,
    Ew and OMG! That is quite creepy...But I must confess, that was ME touching your ankles! :-P

    Thanks! Yep, very true. Goth clubs tend to have more freaks...I think for obvious reasons. I used to stare back at dudes like, "WHAT?!". That normally gets them to stop staring, but for some reason, some dudes see it as an invitation to stare more and/or come to talk to you. Seriously, I just don't get it.

    Thank you! Swatches are for Kristen to put on her site. So you will more than likely see them there first. :-D

    Hee hee, thanks! I've seen this guy out before, but I've never noticed him being like that. He had balls to stare like that in front of my husband!

    Ha! I'll do that next time I see him. He'll probably think I'm nuts! Karaoke is fun, but I haven't done it in a long time. You sing with a manly voice? Hee hee.

    Thank you! It is a fun club. That is the thing about clubs, there's always "someone" doing something weird.

    It is. I find it really nice to be able to mingle with a bunch of different people regardless of how you or they are dressed. BUT there are some turds that come just to make fun of the Goths. In turn, they get made fun of as well. Asses.

  9. That's cool that the one guy has enough confidence in himself to just go there and dress how he wants to and have a good time :)

    I HATE CREEPERS! Sooo many stories... it's always older dudes too. I already feel uncomfortable when people in my own age group hit on me, but when people way older do it makes me feel even worse and I feel so awkward and embarrassed. I get hit on all.the.fucking.time. and I hate it, because it's always older, creepy guys! I am obviously not 18, I don't even look 17! So leave me alone! Now that I think about it, every single time I have been hit on or flirted with or whatever, it has been when I am at work at any of the jobs I've had. Maybe guys think because I'm at work and have to be nice to the customers, they can creep on me and its ok? I don't know.

    I got my friend a job at Arby's too, and this creepy guy at least in his 30's left her his number and told her to text him. She's 16. She looks 16. I hate most guys T_T

  10. lol, damn creepers.

    You make me want to go to a goth club soooo hardcore. But none of my friends would go with me. :( You always look like you have such a great time, though! :D And your makeup looked awesome. :D

  11. I KNEW IT! Sorry I got ice in your hair :D

  12. Your photo of the guy in shorts and socks are why I don't go out anymore. I'm sure (younger) people would laugh and think I'm somebody's mom. :/ I think it's karma...I used to say that about people too. And I hate the music at clubs for people 'my age!'