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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lion Tamer look + Creepy Carnival club pics

Jason and I weren't really feeling up to going out last night. But we had a Birthday party to go to, and there was the creepy carnival theme we came up with for our friends to dress up at the club. So we didn't want to miss a Birthday and thought it would be rude to skip out on a theme we came up with. I don't think it would have mattered if we did though since hardly anyone dressed for the theme! Party poopers!  Most of you know I decided on the Lion Tamer costume and my husband went with creepy clown. I didn't get to spend as much time on my costume and makeup as I wanted to, so I feel like some elements are missing. I wanted to have more blush on, some red and orange rhinestones and more heavily winged eyeliner. Plus I soooo wanted to wear a feather collar with this look but I didn't have time to put it on and make it look right. I think it would have finished the look. Dang it! Anyway. Here is my makeup look followed with club pics.
I had been wearing this look for several hours by the time these pictures were taken. So my mouth looks really dry...was not very comfortable!

Eyes (all applied in this order):
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Rust (applied all around the eye, rubbing in gently with ring finger)
Aromaleigh Bete Noire glitter - salome (applied to entire upper lid to crease with MAC 239 by patting/pressing)
Aromaleigh - blackangel (applied to outer V and crease with Coastal Scents pink crease brush by patting/sweeping)
Aromaleigh - torment (applied to inner corner with MAC 228 by patting/sweeping) 
Simply Natural's - Angel (applied under brow with MAC 217 by patting/sweeping) 
Kryolan Aquacolor liner in black (applied wet with MAC 210 to upper lash line)
Avon Luxury eye liner pencil in black (water line)
Hard Candy Ginormous Mascara in Black Out
NYX false lashes #104 (applied to outer corner of lower lash line)
Half lashes applied to outer corner of upper lash line (

Physicians Formula SPF 15 concealer in light (applied to corners of mouth and gently blended in with ring fingers)
L'oreal automatic lip liner in burgundys used to draw the tiny mouth

Sweet Sensations Body Cafe Peppermint Face Cream (applied with fingertips).  You can get it here: Peppermint Face Cream
Aromaleigh Glissade Foundation Powder in 2CL (applied with kabuki brush)
Joelle Cosmetics - True Rose blush (applied to cheeks with a small blush brush)  
Club pics!
 Jason - Creepy Clown. When he was dancing, random people would walk up to him and touch his wig. Was hilarious!
Jason and Pixie
 Me and Pixie
Pixie is so cute! She has the sweetest smile! (I made the necklace I'm wearing)
 Oops! She crapped her pants while dancing! :-P
 Jeff and Pixie
 moi (Beeto behind me looking goofy!)
 moi again
 Jeff, the only person who can make ruffly shirts look good!
 Jeff, April and Beeto (Pixie dancing to the right)
 them again
 Moi, April and Beeto
 Us again
 April and me dancing. Wow I look weird...
 Pixie! (check out this dude with the red eyes...)
 Pixie posing for me. WTF is this guy doing?! He was acting like he knew us! 
She turns around like "WTF are doing?!" 
 I was trying to get pictures of Jason dancing. This guy kept getting in the way but I finally got one...what is he doing???
The rest are pics that Jeff took with his camera:
 Beeto, ? and Jen
 Tyler, Jen, Siegfried, Beeto and moi
 Tyler, Jason, Jen and moi (she and I were sitting on Beeto)
 April, Beeto, Jason and moi
So that's all folks! It was a decent night and we had fun. I'm off to get some much needed work done and hopefully I can catch up on blogging/comments tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love how your outfit turned out! Your makeup looks fantastic too. The way you blanked out your lips was nice!

    How do you like the CL mix? That's the mix I wear from Aromaleigh :>

  2. it looks like u guys had an awesome night
    an i LOOOVE ur outfit

  3. This look reminds me a bit of Emilie Autumn. I love your corset! One day I need to try doing my lipstick like that, it creates such a different look.

  4. You look so great!! :)) And it seems you had a lot of fun :D

  5. Your makeup and outfit are amazing. Great photos!

  6. Sweet ass shoes lady!! And looove ze makeups :D

  7. DUUUUUUUDE your outfit and makeup = <333333

    The glitter and lashes are especially hot!

  8. You look awesome! That corset/bodice is just gorgeous. And of course your make-up is stunning. By the way, thanks for your tips on how to apply glitter. I'm gonna give it a try one of these days when I have a need of sparkle.

    lol at the random guy getting in most of your pics...I think that's what's called a photobomb XD

  9. LOL I laughed when you were like "who is this guys...?" Your half lashes are seriously EPIC. Too bad I have glasses...

  10. Wow you look hot and your eyes look big and doll like! Remember those hot Living Dead Doll Fashion Victims? :P

  11. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love yours. :) Also, I just checked your jewelry store...I LOVE it! Awesome stuff. :)

  12. Phyrra,
    Thank you! I really like the CL mix. It matches my skin tone very well and the foundation feels nice and blends easily. I need a full size jar!

    We did! Thank you. :-D

    I'm not a fan of Emilie Autumn or her music. But I see what you mean. :-D She is pretty and creative with her clothes/makeup. You should try it. Totally fun! Thanks. :-)

    Thank you! I did. :-D

    Madeleine Bouquet,
    Thank you, sweet woman!

    thank you!

    Thanks! The boots make me 6' 2". I can say for me that it's not easy dancing in the boots the way I move. I have to change the way I dance to stay on my feet. Thank you!

    Yay! Thank you! Can't go wrong with the glittah!

    Thank and you are welcome! Practice on your hand or arm to see if it works before trying it on your eyes. That's what I do. :-D

    He was in sooo many pics. Dude, he's in more pics than I am and it's my damn camera!

    Hee hee. At least he wasn't being an ass or anything. He was more so just in the way and being goofy. Thank you! Can you wear contacts?

    Thank you! OMG yes, I do!

    Luna Soeth,
    You are welcome. :-D Thank you! I got a message from you on my etsy store so I'll have to reply to that soon!

  13. My god you look stunning! World's sexiest lion tamer!