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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pink Smokey look + Glitter liner using Aromaleigh

This look is from Thursday. I did try to cover up the splotches that time. I think it made them more noticeable, especially the left corner of my mouth. Ew. This morning my skin is particularly worse. Kind of feels like I'm wearing a dry mud mask. I think you know the feeling. I'm going to go to Sally's and see about getting some sort of moisture mask. I also need to get more hair dye and developer as the HUGE 32 ounce bottle I've had forever, is almost out. Never thought I would use it all but its time is almost up. Speaking of hair dye, I only dye my roots to keep my hair healthy. With my hair getting longer and harder to just dye the roots, I searched the internet for something to make the dye process easier. I found the KwikRoot bottle. This thing great! I used it Thursday night and it took less than 5 minutes for me to apply it. Check it out here:
Now onto the makeup!

Eyes (all applied in this order):
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Detrivore Eye Primer (applied all around the eye, rubbing in gently with ring finger)
Aromaleigh - flying flower (applied to crease with MAC 217 by patting/sweeping blending up and out)
Aromaleigh - crimson mimicry (applied to crease with MAC 217 by patting/sweeping blending up)
Aromaleigh - emergent beauty (applied to upper lid closer to crease, with MAC 239 by patting/sweeping and blending up)
Aromaleigh - soul takes flight (applied to upper lid closer to lash line, with MAC 239 by patting/sweeping and blending up) 
Aromaleigh - crimson mimicry (applied to lower lash line with MAC 228 by patting/sweeping)
Aromaleigh - air & light (applied under brow with MAC 217 by patting/sweeping) 
SMH - Unzipped (applied to upper lash line, using MAC 266 on lash line and MAC 210 for the wing)
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel liner - Dancing Queen (applied to lower lash line extending outward along with Unzipped)
I can't remember what was used on the water line. But it was something purple.
Hard Candy Ginormous Mascara in Black Out

Lips: Avon Luxury Lip liner in Rich Ginger
Avon Beyond Color Lipstick in Twig

Sweet Sensations Body Cafe Peppermint Face Cream (applied with fingertips).  You can get it here: Peppermint Face Cream
Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder Make Up in Tanslucent Light 
Joelle Cosmetics - Rose Glow Radiance (applied to cheeks with a small blush brush) 


  1. Oh no dry skin issues! Not cool :(
    I wish I could recommend a good treatment but my skin is combination and it doesn't get that dry...

    However, skin issues aside, you look really lovely and I'm really liking how you do your double liner :)

  2. As always you look stunning. You're always so polished.

  3. The lower lashline colour is SO pretty :3 and of course I like the glitter liner

  4. Wow! this is cool! I love the glitter on the bottom!

  5. RaeRae,
    Well it's more psoriasis issues which can give dry skin...and burning, itching and redness. SUCKS!
    Thank you sweet lady!

    Aw, thank you. :-)

    Sweet! Thank you. Me likey too.

    Thanks. I do too. :-D