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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rock Theme Birthday Party Pictures

A friend of mine had a Birthday party that was Rock theme. So you could dress up as a music star of your choice. I went as Gwen Stefani, as I have had people tell me I look like her, since I was a teenager. It was pretty easy. I just put together stuff I already had. My husband went as Ziggy Stardust! I did his makeup, let him use one of my wigs and helped him with his costume. He also DJ'd at the party, so the music was fun! His makeup migrated as the night went on.

Me as Gwen Stefani. I didn't get any close ups of the makeup. But I did very classic makeup using Sobe Botanicals.

Jason as Ziggy Stardust (I used Sugarpill eyeshadows on him)

Tons of party pics after the click below!

 Tiffany (slutty groupie)

Tiffany's daughter, Ryleh as Avril Lavigne (I did her makeup)

Tiffany's daughter, Rhiannon as Pink (I did her makeup/hair). She's a fun spazz so it wasn't easy!

 Ryan as Henry Rollins and Angela as Joan Jett

 keyboard made of yummy wafers and Oreo cookie icing (made by Ryleh)

 You can see the badass shoes I was wearing. :-)

 I can't remember what he was talking about but we were listening intently

 Becky as Siouxsie (Siouxsie and the Banshees)

 Nicole didn't dress up, because she's a REAL rockstar!

 Ziggy getting down...

 Rob, the Birthday boy, as Ted Nugent

 Cool bottles

 Jim as Robert Smith (The Cure). This is his happy face...

 "That bitch, Robert Smith, stole my lipstick!"

 Cake time!


 Dimitri, Emily and Nicole

 Blinking Emily


 Passing out the cake

 "This nail polish is awesome!". OK, I made that up. Whatever they were talking about was totally unrelated to polish...but he was wearing Orly - Lunar Eclipse (he asked to borrow some polish to match his shirt and painted his nails himself, like a good boy)

 Dimitri and Emily

 Me and Nicole!


 Ziggy with his bottle of sake!

 "What did you say about Madonna?!"

  Me and Ziggy

 He was trying to kill me with his shoulder...

 Starry Night shot...mmm

 "Oh so that's how you make it?"

 "Is this gonna kill me?" *nervous laugh*

 "OH God, it burns!"

 "Now I'm ready to rock!"


 Dimitri jamming out

 Me and Tyler

 Siouxsie and Tyler

 Tiffany and Nicole dancing

 Julianna and Dale, the party animals!

 Christian and Siouxsie. I don't remember who he was supposed to be. But I told him his wig looked like Spock hair...and he said it was. Ha!

 Jason and me

 Dimitri and his funny exercises

 Dale making drinks

 Dimitri is too cool for Ziggy's nonsense...

 ...or Emily's.


 More shots???

 Yes, please!

 Just chillin'

 He's not used to wearing was so messed up by the end of the night.

 Thoughtful Robert Smith

 Nicole getting down

 Angry Robert Smith

 Rockband time!

 They were so into it. Was awesome!
 What the place looked like without flash


 Nicole and Tyler

 Need booze for fuel!


 I think I hung out by the bar most of the night...

 The dudes are so cool

  Me: "Oh, that's tastes like shit...put it back...NOW!"
His makeup...ha!

End of the night...Ziggy lost his costume...and Tiffany can't help critique the singers playing rockband.



  1. I love the party theme! Love your costumes too :)

  2. Looks like fun! You do look a bit like gwen stefani, but better. My favorite lookalikes are ziggy stardust and robert smith though :P

  3. you guys are so much fun <3 Love the costumes! You looked Stunning!!

  4. Great party! You all looked awesome and the make-ups you did were really great :D I also loved the Akira poster on the wall ;)

  5. Looks like fun! Love the costumes!