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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

*CLOSED* Morgana Cryptoria + Moon Maiden Jewelry Giveaway!


Recently my blog reached 2,000 followers on Google friend connect. I wanted to show my appreciation to all of you and thank you for taking interest in my little bloggy! I can't help but think back to when I first started blogging. I never even thought I would get 50 followers, let alone 2,000! Wow, I'm so happy!

Here is a picture of what you can win:

 #1. A tube of Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. This stuff is awesome! It works very well as a base for holding glitter, but it also works as an amazing sticky base for eyeshadows. It's very similar to Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy, but it is so much easier to work with and blends eyeshadows much better.

#2. A Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama 24 Hour Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black. This stuff is also amazing! I have tried many gel eyeliners and this one really is the best so far. I read some reviews on it and it appears to be comparable to MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack:

#3. A lovely piCture pOlish in Stone. It is like a cream with a slight hint of green to it.

#4. Melissa from Morgana Cryptoria sent me 3 gorgeous lipsticks to giveaway:

 From left to right: Fairy Dust, Fire Brick and Peaches and Rubies

From left to right: Peaches and Rubies, Fairy Dust and Fire Brick (OMG these are so much prettier in person!)

#5. A $50 gift voucher for my eBay store. You can click the picture below to see my store and browse the designs I currently have available:
When you win, you can pick out any amount of items that add up to $50. If you want items that go over $50, I can send you an invoice via PayPal for the difference. I will cover shipping fees via USPS!

How to enter:

1. You must be a follower of my blog through Google friend connect. (no unfollowing after the giveaway is over, I've heard of this happening and that is rude, plus you don't want to miss out on future giveaways!)

2. You must leave a comment in this post saying what jewelry you would like if you win. Feel free to include links of the items you like. :-)

3. With your comment you must include your email address as shown, so I can contact you for your shipping information: you at blogger dot com

4. If you have your own blog, twitter or even a Facebook account, you must post about this giveaway where you can and if possible, include my banner.

This giveaway starts now and will end Sunday evening on May 20th. The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on Monday, May 21st. The winner will be contacted once the giveaway is closed to find out what items they want. The winner will be given 48 hours to respond with their jewelry choices and shipping address. If they don't, a new winner will be chosen.

This giveaway is open internationally!

If you have any questions at all, please let me know.



  1. YEAH! I already have your black arachnid necklace and I LOVE it. If I won I would get the GOTH BRIDAL Victorian WEDDING Tiara/CIRCLET/Headpiece FILIGREE Silver BLACK New
    posted you banner on my Bethezdas Preoccupations facebook page


    This one would be amazing cause I wear allot of grey
    mariaaarneman(AT)GMAIL>DOT COM

  3. I follow via GFC : MrsKittyKaBoom
    Email - Mrskittykaboom AT gmail DOT com

    Tweeted about giveaway :!/MrsKittyKaBoom/status/200409785353506817

  4. 1. GFC name: Nadia
    2.All your pieces are awsome specially: Any Headdresses/He​adpiece (all are awsome),the GOTHIC Victorian STEAMPUNK Medieval SLAVE Bracelet and the GOTH Medieval STEAMPUNK Victorian Edwardian NECKLACE (would make a great combo),VICTORIAN H. P. Lovecraft Poem Poet Goth Glass CAMEO and Potion Bottle NECKLACE Pendant Apothecary Vial
    3.nadia1.0 at hotmail dot com

    And OMG thanks for open the giveaway internationally!

  5. 1. I am a follower and have been for a while :)
    2. OMG What would I like? uh, one oe everything, but if I were to narrow it to 3 items, here they are:




    3. Email: (or

    4. I will post on my Blog and Facebook (AtouchofglamourMUA)

  6. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway & congrats on you 2000th follower!

    1. GFC name: Alexis C.
    2. LOVED everything in your store, but these were my FAVES!:
    - CRYSTAL WICCAN Crescent Moon Goddess Priestess WICCA CIRCLET/Headpiece Silver (
    STEAMPUNK Victorian ZOMBIE Skeleton SKULL CAMEO Goth EARRINGS Filigree GOLD New (

    - GEAR Cogwheel Cog WINGS Victorian STEAMPUNK Medieval NECKLACE GOTH Silver Pewter (

    3. alncolon at gmail dot com
    4. Tweeted @LexiFresh (!/LexiFresh/status/200429592803151872)also gonna post a blog about it this weekend!

    Thanks again hun, and congrats on all your success!!

  7. woops! didn't include my URL so you can check for your banner

  8. Cirlets you make have always been my favorites, so I want this one
    My email is sini.susanna.partanen (@)
    Have blogged about the giweaway in my blog:

  9. this is my favorite:


  10. This must be the best giveaway ever! If i only could choose some of the jewelry (every piece is gorgeous) it'd be the "GOTH Victorian Anatomical ZOMBIE BRAIN Glass Cameo EARRINGS Medieval HALLOWEEN" and the "STEAMPUNK Victorian GOTHIC Medieval NECKLACE/C​​hoker Filigree Antiqued Silver"

    GFC name: Maria Boman
    emma.maria.boman at gmail dot com

    i've posted this on my facebook since i dont have a blog. my profile is private so im not sure you'll be able to see it though :/

  11. This is so awesome, the products from this giveaway are so great. And $50 voucher for your jewelry, wow!!

    Naturally I follow your blog, have followed it for a long time and still love it. :D Doesn't surprise me that you've reached 2000 followers, let's go for 5000! ;)

    Choosing items from your shop is difficult, there's so much cool stuff!! I'm crazy about cameo's so I'd love to wear one you made but I think the steampunky stuff you made is also awesome. I'm getting more and more into the steampunk thing so that would be a good start too. Some items that caught my eye:
    Love birds and I don't own any square cameo's
    I think the octopus detail in his necklace just rocks, and this necklace would look great with a top with a V-neckline
    Like I said: I love birds (when I was little I wanted to be one!) and my uncle is crazy about owls. So he'd get a kick out of seeing me wear this one:
    But it's all just amazing, I'd buy your entire shop if I had the money ;)

    My email is lisanneblogt at gmail dot com

    I tweeted and I'm going to do that more in the following days:!/Lisanneblogt/statuses/200514963666776064
    I also wrote about it on my Facebook:
    And I'll write about it on my blog, but I still have to do that so I don't have a link yet...

    Anyway, love the giveaway, good luck to all the people entering!

    I have tried and love Morgana thanks to your posts.
    I love pretty much all your cameo necklaces including this one,

    Good Luck to all.


  13. Thank you for this giveaway!

    GFC name: Loqi
    manonpen at gmail dot com
    If I win I would love:

  14. 1. GFC: Shasha
    2. My favourite item:
    3. email: laurensianatasha (at) gmail (dot) com
    4. Blog post:

  15. GFC: Chean
    Email: gunbound DOT noob DOT kellie AT gmail DOT com

    GEAR Steampunk COGWHEEL Cogs Victorian SLAVE Bracelet GOTH Medieval Silver

    ELVEN Medieval RENAISSANCE Crown/CIRCLET/Headpiece ELF Filigree Silver Emerald

    GOTH Medieval STEAMPUNK Victorian Edwardian NECKLACE Filigree Brass Gold BLACK




  16. Wow!

    I follow as Papish.

    I already have two of your pieces, but I now like specially:
    -VICTORIAN Gears Cogs Cogwheel Steampunk Glass CAMEO necklace/PENDANT GUNMETAL
    -GOTH Victorian SPIDER Arachnid Medieval NECKLACE
    -GOTH victorian SKULL Skeleton Glass CAMEO necklace/PENDANT Gunmetal

    pmarmoyer at hotmail dot com
    I put details of the Giveaway on the right side of my blog: with the other giveaways running...

    Thank you so much :)

  17. 1. GFC name: Tamy
    2. i really like: the GOTHIC Victorian STEAMPUNK Clockwork EARRINGS Filigree, the GOTH victorian Octopus Cthulhu Steampunk CAMEO necklace/PENDANT Gears Brass (So beautiful!!!) and GOTH Dragonfly STEAMPUNK Victorian Watch Movement battery NECKLACE/Choker Brass
    3.tamy_hack at hotmail dot com

    Thank you for the international giveaway!

  18. 1. GFC name: Sarah Cameron
    2. I really like the headpieces, and the cameo jewelry too - your work is lovely.
    3. My email is
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  19. GFC:HelloThereBlondie
    email: hellothereblondie[at]gmail[dot]com

    Jewlery I would love is:
    Shared on my FB:

  20. GFC: Nikki
    This is such an epic giveaway, thank you:) I didn't know you had an Ebay shop, and now I do and I want everything ^_^ I would totally like to pick up a spider necklace/choker, zombie brain ring, and a bracelet :] My e-mail is mtinut at gmail dot com and I shared everywhere I could, although I'm not smart enough to know how to share the banner. Here are the links where I shared your giveaway:!/exploiturself/status/200670387116322816

  21. GFC: Nila Kussriani
    i would love to win this necklace :)


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  23. So excited! This is the second giveaway of yours that I've entered. Hope I'm lucky!

    1. I've been following your blog for almost 2 years. Wow time flies :)

    2. I'm in love with these 2 pieces:

    3. the_glamourchild at yahoo dot com

    4. Already have your banner posted on my Facebook :)

    Thank you and Melissa for this wonderful giveaway!

  24. 1. I have been following for a while as Glittermuffin.

    2. I had a super hard time deciding on your items but I finally managed to narrow it down to:

    a) GOTH Black Feather COLLAR VICTORIAN Steampunk BURLESQUEHEART Goth GEAR Cog Cogwheel Victorian STEAMPUNK Industrial Medieval NECKLACE

    b) MILLED MOTH DUST Potion GLASS Bottle NECKLACE Pendant Apothecary Vial HALLOWEEN

    (I would, of course, happily pay the difference :3 )

    3. e-mail: glitter.please at gmx dot de

    I posted about the giveaway on my blog:

    Good luck everyone :D

  25. 1. GFC: CHA0Sgirl
    2. My favourite items are:
    - GOTH victorian HAND Skeleton Glass CAMEO necklace/PENDANT Gunmetal HALLOWEEN New
    - GOTH Medieval STEAMPUNK Victorian GEAR Wing KEY NECKLACE/Choker Antiqued Silver
    - GEAR Cogwheel Cog WINGS Victorian STEAMPUNK Medieval NECKLACE GOTH Silver Pewter
    3. dome.chaos (at) gmail (dot) com
    4. Twitter:!/dome_chaos/status/200862090100084736
    Facebook :

    Thank you for the chance to win! Your jewelry are fantastic! I love every piece of them! c:

  26. Thanks for such a terrific giveaway! :)
    1. GFC: Enora LaNuit
    2. I found almost impossible to choose a couple of items! Everything is just fanciful. How can you be so creative and talented?
    Aaanyway, these are some of my favourites:
    - GOTH victorian Conjoined Siamese Twin Skeleton CAMEO necklace/PENDANT HALLOWEEN
    - GOTH Medieval STEAMPUNK Victorian Edwardian NECKLACE Filigree Silver Black New
    - Steampunk Octopus Cthulhu Victorian SLAVE Bracelet GOTH Medieval Filigree Gold
    3. Email: lumisade13 at gmail dot com
    4. I neither have a blog nor twitter, and I'm not on facebook... Yeah, I'm a netgoth xD
    Good luck everybody!

  27. 1; GFC: Shopping Addict
    2. I love your jewelry, I've wanted: forever and ever.
    3. email is andrea.trenary at
    4. Posted about the giveaway here:

  28. Thanks for the giveaway and gongrats for 2000 followers!

    GFC name: Johis

    I would love this owl pendant:

    Email: kosmetiikkakaaos at gmail dot com

    I posted about your giveaway in my blog:
    (it's in finnish)

  29. I was already following your blog, and I'm pretty sure I joined the google thingy. It'll either be "Terri Peach" "Lilblondehooker" or "omgimblonde." Not really sure how that works. lol

    Every piece is so lovely, it's hard to choose! My faves were:
    GEAR Cogwheel Cog WINGS Victorian STEAMPUNK Medieval NECKLACE GOTH Silver Pewter
    GOTH Dragonfly STEAMPUNK Victorian Watch Movement battery NECKLACE/Choker Silver

    My blog with banner/link to giveaway:

    My email:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! And good luck to everyone!

  30. GFC: chemicallyfeline
    i'd like to win these 3 things:


    posted about giveaway on twitter @famedromantic:!/famedromantic/status/201247587263721474

    i really hope i win! :)

  31. I just started following your blog through Vulcan Butterfly. LOVE your gorgeous make up and jewelry!!!
    I am a fan of the conjoined skeletal twins cameo, the Raven square cameo, the Steampunk cog earrings, the Spider choker in black, the Bat Princess earrings in green, and your crystal circlet headpiece. Just to name a few of my favs.
    My email addy is glowreahhh at gmail dot com.
    Thanks for the chance to win such marvelous candies!!!
    Here is my post about your candy:

  32. Oh my god, thanks for this giveaway, Blix :)

    I follow you aka stenonis, and my email is vilostenonis at gmail dot com.
    I posted about the giveaway:

    And I think, my favourites are... this:
    and this:

  33. You are so talented my dear - and congrats to 2000+ followers :)

    1. GFC: Meeow
    2. Oh you have so much great jewellery in your shop.. these are my favourites:

    3. email:

    4. I posted a comment to your blog on my facebook page , my name there is Meeow de la Peluche :)

    wish you all good luck :)

  34. Hello Blix,

    Your giveaway is awesome!

    I love so many jewels on your store! But the zombie girl cameo is my fav'. Love this one:

    I am a GFC follower (Thilwen Geek and Gloss).
    I tweeted your giveaway:!/GeekandGloss/status/201372513991786496
    And posted it on Facebook too:

    My email address: thilwen at geekandgloss dot com

    Thanks a lot!

  35. WOW, thank you for this great giveaway!
    I love so many items in your sotre, i really hope i'll be the lucky winner!
    my GFC is sharonA
    my favourite item this lovely clock neckless:
    so special!!!
    my email is:

  36. EEEE! I've been eyeing your shop for awhile so this is very exciting! Thank you for the giveaway!


    One of my favorite necklaces:

    and I blogged about your giveaway!

  37. gfc: prettymom
    email: prettymom at gmail dot com

    i love the earings in potion jars and the necklaces to go with them. i also like the bat earring, do you have one with red beads?

  38. GFC as Alexis

    Been following for a while via google reader, I love the looks you come up with.

    I love these pieces of yours!

    Email: avhnforever at gmail dot com

    Unfortunately I don't have any public blog/twitter/facebook accounts to link

  39. Congratulations Blix! Great giveaway!
    I follow on GFC as Beauty Best Friend Forever.
    My email address is
    My blog is: where I have a post about your giveaway, here:
    Your jewellery is amazing, I like this:
    and this:
    and this:

  40. I made a post about this on my blog last week, but I don't think my comments are sending as I'm having browser issues. My email is and I think my GFC is harleygrant.

    I'd pick the rib age earrings, skeleton lady barrette and the Victorian style cog necklace – they're so pretty! Congratulations on your 2,000 followers. :) You deserve them!

  41. 1. GFC name: Jules Alvarado (@joolsmind)
    2. I have to say I absolutely LOVE everything in your store, but my favs are:

    3. My mail is juliabaldous (at) hotmail (dot) com
    4. I've posted about it on Twitter:!/joolsmind/status/202491435059134465
    and Facebook:!/julesalvaradobaldous/status/

  42. Blix!! You are amazing - honestly ever since i saw your reverse cut crease i had to follow you!!
    GFC: ms.americanpie
    Congrats on the following!
    Your wiccan moon goddess pendant is absolutely stunning. Love at first sight!!
    Firing up the blog post right now XD!
    Keep making your jewellery and writing blog posts! you are an inspiration to me :)

  43. GFC: Мартина Колева
    Email - mskoleva AT gmail DOT com

    I like the most of your work and it will be very difficult to choose only one or two or three :) but maybe

    I really love your blog keep writing and post your looks.

  44. I read your blog every day (that I'm online). Congratulations on getting to 2000!
    GFC Mina Holliday (minaholliday)
    email: minaholliday at gmail dot com
    I love these three items:

    No one really reads my blog, but I posted anyway:

  45. Amor,
    I been following your bad ass make up skilss for awhile now.
    I did not know about this gorgeous give away!
    My email is
    I want al your jewelry ,but these pieces are my favorite.
    I blogged about your giveaway here!

    I have tweeted about your give away
    here is the link, hope it is okay my tweets are private!/dorrydama

  46. Congrats on 2k followers!

    1. GFC: Duvessa
    2. If I win I'd love to get:

    3. E-mail is duvessa.oobd [at]

    4. I put link to this giveaway to my blog's right side bar and posted link also on my blog's page on FB.

  47. BTW
    I unprocted my tweets,so you can view my tweet about your giveaway.

  48. Hello!
    I have been your reader for long time (anur)
    anuroininen at hotmail dot com

    This is my favorite:

  49. Just have to say I love your FOTDs. Gorgeous!

    I follow GFC 99Raina99
    Email is raina99(at)hotmail(dot)com

    FAv items from Moon Maiden are:
    the cog wheel earrings:

    Edwardian Wedding necklace:

    I posted about you and your giveaway :)

    I tweeted your giveaway!/99Raina99/status/203957136051552256

    Congrats on 2000!

  50. I love your blog!Thanks for this amazing giveaway.
    GFC:Yuko lastrega
    I adore these :

    I'm posting it on my Facebook:


  51. I follow via GFC as LadycrowX

    I really love the all the necklaces you have, one of the ones that caught my eye was the Raven one for obvious reasons. :D

    Posted this on my site on the side bar!

  52. 1. Have been following through GFC (as Natsumi Suzuki I think...) and have no intention of unfollowing because you are freaking awesome.

    2. I can't decide!!! There is SO much I would love to win so...all? ;D

    3. suzukinatsumi at gmail dot com

    4. It's already May 20th here so I'm a bit late with this but I'll throw it onto my blog somewhere ( - Right under my profile blurb!

    Thank you so much for the amazing giveaway and opportunity! Here's to many more followers, whoo!

  53. I follow your blog publicly via Google Friend Connect as shala_darkstone.
    I'd love to win the VICTORIAN Gears Cogs Cogwheel Steampunk Glass CAMEO necklace/PENDANT GUNMETAL:
    and the GOTHIC Victorian STEAMPUNK Gear Cogwheel EARRING Antiqued Silver Medieval NEW:
    I shared this giveaway on Facebook here:
    Here's my tweet -!/shala_darkstone/status/204224351975903232

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail (dot) com

  54. GFC SuperHotFemale
    I'd love to win , , and .
    I shared on Facebook: .
    Wonderful giveaway, thank you!
    sari dot susanna at hotmail dot com

  55. I follow as Kendra, and have been following for a while now! My email is kendraberry at hotmail dot com. I would love to win the following:
    1 -

    And I blogged about this here:

    Amazing contest, thanks!

  56. Amazing giveaway! I follow you via GFC for quite a while now :)
    I'd love to win a few of your cameo framed necklaces, especially the black ones <3
    My email is " nuusheftw at gmail dot com " :)
    I tweeted about your giveaway:!/NusaPavlic/status/204274447199375362

    Fingers crossed! xx

  57. gfc:erica
    i really like the black green rose cameo neclace, the octopus ring and the matching neclace
    erica.kempf at gmail dot com