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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I like it Nerdie, 24/7...

A few weeks ago some friends, my hubby and I went to this unique club night called Nerdie. The music style was Indie, hop-hop and nerd themed songs (um...hello star trek techno!). The crowd I normally see at the usual club night I go to, can often include some uptight snooty goths. While I don't really consider myself goth (I'm a PIB who happens to like industrial music!) I've really been enjoying the Nerdie night since I can let loose, chill with friends and dance to some fun and really out there music.

So since it was Nerdie, the eyeshadow I wore was Pangalactic Gargleblaster by Archetype cosmetics! Heh heh! Such an appropriate one to wear I think. :-)  I didn't get any pictures of my full outfit, but I wore a "sophisticated nerd" outfit. :-)  Or whatever you'd call it. It was a fun night!

April, Nicole and me

Click below for more pics!

 Pixie and my hubby Jason with their matching leather jackets. Ha!

 His shirt...

 i put my tongue in your eye!


 people dancing

I'm dancing...and I look stupid!

 This guy was dancing all hilarious! Was great!

DJ's chatting

 Us girls dancing

Jason and Nicole dancing

 nerd glasses give you dancing power!

um...he was thrusting his pelvis making this weird face...

 The bar has an old car inside so we hopped in it. My sister saw the pic and was like, "You on your way to Hogwarts?" Ha!

Nicole is driving us there!

 April with the Nerdie glasses

April and Nicole...with Terri creepin' in the background!

 Charlie and Terri

 the very end of the night. The "get the hell out" type of song was playing. So instead of leaving, Nicole grabbed whit alien baby and started dancing with it! She's such a dork!

So DJ Another Mike showed her how bendy the alien baby was...



  1. I love the title of the post, is that a Grendel reference? :D

  2. You are welcome, Emily!

    Yes, it is! I love Grendel! :-D