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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Naughty Jester Costume/Makeup + Halloween Party Pictures

Last Saturday I had a Halloween party at my house. I was a Naughty Jester...and I have no idea what my husband was exactly. He wore his crazy clown wig, added some big eyeball LED lights to it and wore a creepy doctor coat. *shrugs*

I used some random cheap white face paint (this stuff was itchy!) and finished it with Sobe Botanicals Geisha White face powder.
For the eyes I used my fav product for winged liner, Kryolan Aqua Color liner - black and painted it on with MAC 210. Not sure where I got the lashes with the red beads at the tips but I'm thinking eBay.
For the lips I used my ring finger to dab Morgana Cryptoria's Very Cherry Lipstick just to the center of my lips.

I made most of my outfit. :-)

Click below for the rest of the pictures!

 Photo taken by Marcy

 Me, Ryleh and Tiffany (Ryleh is Tiffany's daughter)

Dawn and me

Ryan and Miah on the right (I'm showing Charlie how to use her camera)

 No idea...

 Getting pictures of Nicole and Charlie

Me and my honey bunny

 He's crazy...

 Rob in Drag as DJ BCD

 Not sure who's bum I'm grabbing here

Watch out! I'm a booty grabbing ninja!

Charlie and Nicole

 Marcy, Mike and Ryan (yes, we have snow!)

 Caught her with a penis straw!

Sam! Check out her blog:

 Sam and her wife!

 Mike and Marcy

 Thunder cats!

fog machine was going

Dawn and Trey

 Getting pictures of each other

 Rocky and Dana

My fav girly Ryleh! You can see my perfume/jewelry stash in the back ground.

 Bearded lady!

 dancing folks

 Me and DJ tard

 I think that's her seduction face...

April! and her man Thomas, eating a yummy pumpkin doughnut!


 Chad and Mike

 Jason and Dawn

Trey on my hubby's motorbike (his hobby is collecting and restoring vintage bikes)

 he took it for a short ride

 Tiffany and Rob dancing

 Tim and Jason

still dancing

 Sue...I think she's dancing...

There you can see the LED colour changing eyeball lights in his wig...

The End


  1. I wouldn't have recognized you, Blix! Looks like a very fun party. The DJ in drag....OMG!!! He was awesome looking!

  2. Dear Blix,

    Stop being so hot. Actually, no. Don't.

    Love, me.

  3. Not sure if my phone post posted...

    Wow! My beard looked BAD by the end of the night. So sorry if I shed beard pieces all over your house!

    I'm sorry Rob got tired and we had to go. I was ready to stay and keep having fun!

  4. You look so awesome! I was a clown for Halloween and weirdly did my eye makeup in the exact same design as yours...only much MUCH worse :P

  5. Those lashes are AMAZING! And I wish I'd thought to set my stupid drugstore facepaint with some proper white powder. Probably would've looked less streaky. (Although I guess that would've made it less authentic Juggalo.)