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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun Photoshoot of me and the hubby

My husband and I had a fun photoshoot done recently. I thought I would share the photos with you. :-)

The shoot was done in Boulder, CO at Chautauqua park.  This is one of our favourite hiking and picnic locations. It's so gorgeous and has many awesome trails. I was wearing heels and had to hike just a short distance in them. Hee hee!

Photographer is Jim Vance of Vancelvanian Designs:

PLEASE go like his facebook page!  Vancelvanian Designs

TONS more photos after the jump. I don't feel like going through them all and narrowing them down, so you'll just have to deal with that. :-)


Heh heh! His ears!

 Hey big boy, is that a cell phone in your pocket? :-P

 Probably the best pic of me smiling ever!


I eat you!

 Godzilla! idea what this is about!

Oh no! He's got me!

I hope you enjoyed these. If anyone is curious, I'm wearing Morgana Cryptoria Makeup and I made the necklace.



  1. loll @ your comment about his ears!
    i'd kill to have ur butt seriously!
    tell us your work out routine??:)

  2. Great scenery and so many great pics! I think I like RAWR! the best, with the very last one a close second.

  3. Lovely photos and I love that scenery!

  4. Awwww, you look so adorable! :D I love the rawr pic ;)

  5. I really enjoyed these pics! LOvely ones when you are with your eyes closed and the funny ones are just great! You guys make a great couple ;-) Have a blessed marriage!

  6. Beautifuls pics, and I love your SHOES!!!!!
    An fan from France :)

  7. Aww you both look lovely :) Your surroundings are gorgeous! I love the 'he's got me' picture :D

  8. Great pics!! Some made me laugh, some made me think "awww, how adorable" and all show that you care deeply for each other.

  9. You look wonderful together :) Great photos! And you've got an amazing smile.

  10. My fav is the one of you two looking down and laughing.... so causal and sweet ... You looked fantastic BTW! :)

  11. I love the happiness that's so apparent between you two! Thanks for sharing and you look gorgeous!!

  12. Absolutely beautiful photos! And I luuuurve your outfit :)

  13. Aw, these are so sweet! They turned out excellent!

  14. Aw. (: Hopefully me and my boyfriend will do stuff like that one day.
    Excuse me while I steal your shoes.

  15. I love the smiley pic of you, you look like Gwen Stefani!

  16. Awwh so cute ^____^ *steals you both*

  17. Aww these pics are so amazing, such a cute couple ♥

    Jonna xx

  18. Aww these photos are so SWEET! I just LOVE ROMANCE! YAY!