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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And the winner of the Sobe botanicals Giveaway is.......

.....Helena is Red! Congratulations lady! You will be contacted shortly for your address. :-)  I used a true random generator from and it chose you! :-)

For those of you who did not win, don't worry! I was planning on having a HUGE giveaway soon, but instead decided to break it down into several smaller giveaways so that more people have a chance to win more often. Sound good? Of course it does! So stay tuned, I have lots of goodies in store for you soon!

Does anyone have any giveaway item suggestions? What items draw your attention to giveaways the most?



  1. congrats to the winner.
    Ideas for give away: In your site am more focused on the lipsticks honestly u come with some shades i haven seen before so different than mac or drugstore one I like everything of Sobe u have shown till now, and more brands I don't recall the name now u use.

    Other thing bronze rs

  2. one fun idea would be to giveaway a little trio or whatever of eye shadows that you created a look with.. like you could be like 'this look of mine was really popular, here are all the same colors/really similar colors from this cool indie brand for you to win!'

  3. YAY!!! I'm so happy I've been so lucky, this is the first giveaway I win! :D
    THANK YOU!!!

  4. Congrats to the winner!


  5. Aww...too bad I missed the giveaway, but excited about the future ones! =)

    Check out my giveaways at

  6. congrats dear :)

  7. Congratulations Helena! And Thank you for making this giveaways! Warm regards!