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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Health Update

I've been gone for a while obviously. Haven't hardly worn post worthy makeup and I stopped posting about my diet and fitness. I started having minor food allergy issues so I was eating weird and trying to narrow down the culprit. It's eggs which is a common food issue for people and I was eating them every day for protein. Cooked or raw, my body had the same reaction to them so I know it wasn't due to being raw. After playing around with my green smoothie recipes, I've learned that I can tolerate 1/4 up to 1/2 a cup of raw eggs but if I eat more than that, my body goes into severe hate mode. Ouch! It's horrible!

I started the Insanity Workout a couple weeks ago and had to quit it this past weekend. I have never had knee issues until doing Insanity and I developed them upon doing the series religiously. Not good and I know I need to listen to my body. So I think even though the series is meant to be done consistently, since my knees aren't OK with it, I'll just do random ones from time to time to still be able to kick my butt with some serious interval training.

Lately I've been doing more power yoga, riding my bike several miles, as well as doing various strength training with my own body weight and doing exercises with my resistance tubes. With working out hardcore over the last 2 months, I was able to gain 8 lbs. back and have been keeping it on which I am happy about. I am no longer counting calories like I was before (that was making me crazy). I am used to the process of eating more on my more intense workout days so I don't become calorie deficient and overly exhausted.

I was eating Mexican or Tex-Mex, every day for a long while. I used lean ground turkey, light sour cream, tomatoes, shredded Mexican cheese and used butter lettuce leaves as wraps instead of tortillas. They were so good and I started eating them again this week. :-)  But this week I have added corn, black beans, peppers and green chilies to the ground turkey. YUM!

My workout yesterday was riding my bike for about 7 miles. Then came home and did some strength training with my resistance tubes and followed with pilates. I plan on doing yoga this evening but my mood could change by then and I could decide to do something else.

I hope you all are doing well!



  1. Food allergies are not fun. It's good that you figured it out and are feeling better!!

  2. I also had to stop Insanity because of knee problems, the month 2 exercises were too intense for my knees. I think I was pushing myself too hard and I wasn't holding proper form hence the hurting knees, I had no problems with month 1.

  3. that taco salad or whatever you want to call it looks delicious! I hope you are feeling better now that you have figured out the egg thing. I was wondering bout you! Hope all else is well with you and your hubby. *hugs*

  4. Sorry to hear about your food allergy. At least you were able to narrow it down and find out what the culprit was and how often you can eat them. Your Tx Mex wraps looks delicious. We started using the butter lettuce leaves too and they are so darn good and refreshing. I'll have to try your little recipe here.

    Sorry Insanity bothered your knees. That workout is crazy hard on the joints. I never finished the month 2 stuff because it was just too jarring on my legs and hips.

    Looking forward to your future posts. Hope the house is coming along well.

  5. Food allergies suck! I'm glad you were able to narrow it down to the one thing that was giving you issues. Knee pain is the suck, too. I can't believe you're doing that workout anyway - I think I would keel over if I tried that workout. LOL

  6. Ah, sweets, I know what it is like to be side-lined by joint issues. When I did Cathe's STS series the first time through, I ended up with a severely stretched Achilles' tendon. It took months of rest to get it to stop hurting. And my knees got even more wonky; I wore knee braces to keep them in line.

    Now I have a partially torn rotator cuff and may have to have surgery. This is totally bumming me out about exercise. I'm walking and doing a tiny bit of running for cardio. That's all I can do right now. No weights. :(

    Crap on the egg allergy!! You have to have been very diligent with your eating to pin that down. Do you think you can use whey in your protein drinks?

  7. wow, you exercise hardcore!!
    im so proud of you!
    and not so proud of myself!lol
    i work out like a baby!

  8. I knew I couldn't be the only person with joint issues from Insanity! I'm really fit and do so many different styles of exercise but this was the first to make me feel like my knees were going to break off. They still kinda hurt. :-(

    My eggy issues are over as long as I don't eat too much of them...I miss eating four scrambled eggs for breakfast. Now it's one or two. It did take me a while to figure it out although I had a feeling it was the eggs...I wasn't sure until I stopped eating just eggs for a week and had NO problems.

    The yummy wrap is tasty and healthy. Today I tried it on a bun with spinach leaves and it tasted like a Mexican Sloppy Joe. Mmmmmm! I'll post a pic of it later.

    House is doing really is not. I will explain in a post later. Planted a TON of veggies and herbs...most are dead now.

    Ow! That's no fun. I have pulled a tendon in my groin before. Why my GROIN!? Yeah...from doing plea squats with way too much weight. That took months to heal and I felt like a slob while not being able to workout. So I totally know how you feel except that I have yet to need surgery on anything. Hope yours goes well!
    I haven't tried Cathe's STS series but have wanted to. Me no like booboos from working out.
    I am not sure if I can use whey protein. I will consider trying it soon though. I can't use soy protein though. That's worse than eating eggs...

    The Insanity workout made me feel like a big's tough!

  9. You're such a great health motivator!!

  10. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. Food allergies are the worst....I can relate, I have a number of them.