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Friday, July 16, 2010

Warm Summer look using Hi-Fi Cosmetics

After doing this look I feel it could be considered either a summer or fall look. Although if I wanted it to look more fall, I would wear a dark red/brown lipstick with it. I blended this look a lot more than I usually do. I wanted it to be very soft and have the colours flow into each other.
 I also tried to smile more as I realize I look super pissy if I'm not smiling. Or I look like I think my butt doesn't stink! Ha!

Hair flower is from

I made the earrings. Duh. :-P

Eyes (all applied in this order):
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Detrivore Eye Primer (applied all around the eye, rubbing in gently with ring finger)
Hi-Fi - My Pain (applied to outer V, crease and lower lash line with MAC 228 by patting/sweeping)
Hi-Fi - Hot Rod (applied to outer half of upper lid with MAC 239 by patting/sweeping into the inner crease)
Hi-Fi - Adagio (applied to inner half of upper lid with MAC 239 by patting/sweeping) 
Hi-Fi - Ballad (applied to inner V with MAC 228 by patting )
SMH - Sin-sational (applied under brow with MAC 217 by patting/sweeping)
SMH - Unzipped (applied thick to upper lash line and thin to lower, then blended and softened with MAC 217)
Avon Ultra Luxury eye liner pencil in black (water line)
Ardell Wispies

Lips: NYX lipgloss in 24 karet

Face: Skin MD Shielding lotion
Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder in Translucent Light (applied using AL flocked sponge by patting then blending) 
AL Viole' Foundation Powder in 2CL (applied with Jumbo buffer brush)
AL You're a Doll! Metamorphosis Finishing Powder (applied with Jumbo Flat Top brush)
TKB mica in Coral (applied to cheeks with a small blush brush)

Check out Hi-Fi Cosmetics!
I have a busy weekend planned so you won't see me around. I hope everyone has a safe, relaxing and fun weeked!



  1. I really like how you darkened the outer lash line very thickly.

  2. Very pretty, i like the way the eyes and lips are sort of matching colours! :)

  3. love the colors. they are just so pretty on you :) you are such an inspiration Blix :)

  4. Loving these pics hun! your eyes and lip makeup matches so well xoxo

  5. Gorgeous look and love the fact that you didn't do liner :)
    It's perfect on your eyes :)

  6. I like the pictures with the flowers in your hair and the look is pretty :-)

  7. love your eyeshadow! :D

    p.s. enter my giveaway for a chance to win a cute top! and get a code to get 15% off online shopping! :D

    <3, Mimi

  8. I really really love this. You look so prettyyy :)

  9. I Love this i wish i could pull it off.I followed please check out my blog and follow back thanks.

  10. This is such a lovely look, it manages to be bold and soft at the same time.

  11. your so gorgeous, love the makeup :)
    btw I love your blog just gave you an award.
    Check out my blog for rules xoxo

  12. Holy shit, your makeup is phenomenal. :P Those earrings are awesome, too. I'm going to have to go poke around in your Etsy and ebay stores. Hm.

  13. I love those colors, and they look great on you. I've yet to try any Hi-Fi products. I've got a serious dependence on my MAC pigments and Manly 120 palette.