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Thursday, July 29, 2010

4th of July trip pics

So I relaize I'm very late on posting this but whatever! Just some random pics of me and the hubby visiting my little bro and his family the weekend of July 4th. It was the first time I got to meet his daughter, Adalynn. She's almost 2 and such a ham. OMG you can tell she is related to my family as she has so many different facial expressions...

So the picture taking started with me harassing Adalynn in the car on the way to go eat...

me and Adalynn


I swear she did this just because the camera was out...yep, she is related to me!

She's such a sweetie

Made it to the restaurant. My brother Adam and his wife Lindsay here. Adalynn's name is a combo of both of their names. Sounds like something from The Lord of The Rings to me. :-)

Again, we're totally related.

OMG! This tiramisu was awesome! Adalynn liked it obviously...


I asked Lindsay if I could borrow some of her cleavage. She just laughed at me. 

me and Jas...we're too sexy. Hee hee!


Wow deer in headlights...I look like, "betch I'm on the phone!"

this is a book on there coffee table

What little kid isn't fascinated with their belly button?

Adam playing Condemned 2. Hey I just posted a pic with me playing this game!

Check him out ladies! Isn't he hot?! Heh heh!

So we were playing Cranium. The game is pretty boring so we decided to only use the creative cat cards. We had to draw pictures with our eyes closed and our team mate had to say what it was. This was much harder than you would think...our picture drawing was HORRIBLE and we were all laughing so hard we were in tears!

OMG...still crying. I wish I took pictures of the nonsense he drew. It was so hilarious!

Jason more calm with his drawing.

Adam had to mold clay and we had to guess what it was.

Adam is trying to figure out what she's drawing...

...but he can't. Ha!

I took a few more...

I love this one!!!



Another, "betch I'm on the phone!" look. If looks could kill.

Bored and on the drive back makeup except sunscreen and spf lip stuff. Making the dorky kissy face.

I found a mustache in the car from the mustache party...that was in December! Since I didn't have my eyebrows filled in, I figured this looked better. :-P

It migrated.

You can click on the pic to enlarge it. Apparently the largest prairie dog in the world is in Kansas. Didn't stop to see it though.

So that was my trip. Nothing special but lotsa fun. :-)


  1. OMG those are great!! I love the "betch - I'm on the phone" pics. CRANIUM!! We love that game!!

  2. haha! she's so adorable, she has a sense of humour like her auntie :] and you're so beautiful! You remind me of gwen stefani, love the goofy faces , me and el husbando are always pulling faces and doing silly shit lol great pics xx

  3. lmao you guys are hilarious! I love both cell phone pics!

  4. Thx for those pics :) It was nice to see you with your relatives :)
    Love the 4 last pics looool

  5. haha, love the "betch" phone pics :D

  6. LOL looks like so much fun :D and your little niece is adorbz

  7. Awesome, hilarious pics :DD x

  8. "Nothing special"?! It looks light a great time! Adalynn is so damn adorable, she almost makes me want kids. Almost. I'll just knock some sense back into my twinging ovaries, and enjoy looking at other people's pictures. (Like hers - especially the finger up the nose!)

  9. Well it was a great time so it was special with my family but nothing special in the sense that maybe you guys would be bored with the non makeup post. :-)
    Adalynn is such a cutie and totally makes me wanna have kiddos. *sigh*
    She made some seriously cute and funny faces! Plus she was very well behaved and super smart.

    Glad you all enjoyed the pics. :-)

    Hmmm...people keep saying I look like Gwen Stefani...I don't see it!