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Monday, October 22, 2012

*CLOSED* Morgana Cryptoria Makeup Giveaway!

Melissa from Morgana Cryptoria sent me 10 eyeshadows and a lipstick to offer in a giveaway to you guys. These shadows are super gorgeous and pigmented!

Here's what you get:


The shadows and lipstick that were swatched are mine. You will receive brand new and untouched products. These are soooo much more gorgeous in person!
 From left to Right: Banshee, Caput Mortuum, Enchanted Forest and Phantasmagoria

From left to Right: Paracelsus, Dragon's Blood, Abracadabra, Incineration and Graveyard Mist

Type-O Lipstick

1. You must be a follower of my blog through Google friend connect. (no unfollowing after the giveaway is over, I've heard of this happening and that is rude, plus you don't want to miss out on future giveaways!)

2. You must leave a comment in this post saying what being offered here looks the most appealing to you.

3. With your comment, you must include your email address as shown, so I can contact you: you at blogger dot com

4. If you have your own blog, twitter or even a Facebook account, you must post about this giveaway where you can.

This giveaway starts now and will end Monday evening on October 29th. The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on Tuesday, October 30th. The winner will be contacted once the giveaway is closed and will be given 48 hours to respond. If they don't, a new winner will be chosen.

This giveaway is open internationally!

If you have any questions at all, please let me know.   Good luck!



  1. GFC: chemicallyfeline

    i really love the eyeshadows, i've never tried morgana cryptoria. i love banshee, caput mortuum, and graveyard mist. i've heard great things about their lipsticks. Type O looks so vampy, i love it!

    Email: chemicallyfeline @

    posted on FB:

  2. I follow as Phyrra via GFC (and on BlogLovin').
    The top row of eyeshadows looks most appealing :)
    sephyrra at gmail dot com

  3. 1) GFC: Mina Holliday
    2) I'm totally lusting after Graveyard Mist (I'm a sucker for silvers) and the Type-O lipstick
    3)minaholliday at gmail dot com
    4)Not using my blog anymore, but I linked to your fb page and this giveaway on fb as Mina Holliday

    This ends the day after my birthday so I have my fingers crossed!

  4. 1. I follow via GFC: Shopping Addict

    2. The item that looks the most appealing is: The lipstick and Bashee, but it's all so lovely looking.

    3. andrea.trenary at gmail dot com

    4. Posted on twitter!

  5. Omg that bright Dragon's Blood is sooo gorgeous!
    My email is:
    Thank you <3

  6. i´m follower , and i love Banshee and Graveyard Mist :)

  7. GFC: Shasha
    The banshee (eyeshadow) color is really appealing! I love the color~
    Shared via twitter:
    Email: laurensianatasha (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Enchanted Forest looks like my favorite out of the lot because i have been forever in the search of the perfect forest green shade..and this looks wonderful,kind of a wood nymph inspired color or something along those lines.

    GFC:Fathima Abdul Kader

  9. I love all the colors and I just can't pick one as my favorite but if I must, it would be Phantasmagoria.
    Tweeted to - @lilyseymour,
    Posted to -

  10. I'm a huuuuge fan of yours and of Morgana Cryptoria, just placed my first order of lipsticks, and sadly Type-O was sold out, bad luck... I've never tried her eyeshadows but they look gorgeous! :)

    So the most appealing to me is lipstick Type-O, and eyeshadows: Banshee, Caput Mortuum, Enchanted forest, Paracelsus and Dragon's blood. Yeah, I'll stop there :)

    my email is: sura dot dancer at gmail dot com

    I posted about your giveaway on my Facebook account

    and on my blog ( I'm new, and don't have much followers, but if I could help, I'm glad :D )

    Great giveaway, love it, you and Morgana!

  11. Please, enter me to giveaway.
    I've felt in love with the Type O Lipstick.
    Nick GFC: Miss Potingues
    Published on Facebook:

    Thank you!

  12. What a great giveaway! I was bummed that I missed the Morgana Cryptoria sale because I was away. I love the lipstick, I've been looking for a deep, blackened red for a while now. Plus the red eyeshadow as I've always wanted to give that a go, but have never been able to find one that's actually red.

    I follow you under GFC by the name Sian, my email is sian_morgan @ live co uk

  13. Hey, enter me! :)

    Follow as: Papish
    email: pmarmoyer(a)
    Post about:

    The most appealing item in the giveaway is the lipstick. I'm dying for trying Morgana Cryptoria lipsticks :D Enchanted forest is the one I love most of the eyeshadows :)

    Thank you!!

  14. Im really loving the rusty colored shadows. Soooo pretty!

  15. I love the look of Paracelsus - it's so hard to get a lovely red eyeshadow.

    tbblogger at hotmail dot co dot uk

  16. Wow! how neat!

    1. Followed!
    2. Dragons Blood looks amazing.
    3. misti dot k dot webster at gmail dot com

  17. Oh wow, I'm having a hard time choosing which one looks most appealing - they're all drool worthy. I so need to place an order with her.

    Hmm... maybe Banshee or Graveyard Mist? Type-O?

    reverendtyrant at gmail dot com


  18. Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway!
    1. I follow via GFC as asumprer
    2. I love the whole top row of eyeshadows the most, especially Enchanted Forest and Banshee.
    3. asumprer at aol dot com

  19. Another giveway! (jumps for joy!)I like Caput Mortuum, Dragon's Blood and Type O and I'd put them all together for a spooky Halloween look... jennemm at gmail dot com

  20. What a great giveaway, I love Morgana Cryptoria. Type-O lipstick is my favourite as I was going to order it and it's sold out! Such a gorgeous colour!
    My e-mail is dolphins_dream_too at hotmail dot com
    my Google Friend Connect is Hebridean_Sprite

  21. I've always wanted to try her products! Caput Mortuum looks like a color I've never seen before! They're all gorgeous, though.

    Geenabarret at yahoo dot com

  22. I love the Type-O lipstick, but the Phantasmagiroa and Paracelsus shadows are calling me.
    MsBobbilicious at gmail dot com

  23. I'm loving the eyeshadows but my faves are Paracelsus, Dragon's Blood, Abracadabra, Incineration & Graveyard Mist

    Following as: Mj Colon
    marnet374 at gmail doc com

  24. I follow under the name: G.Vera
    My Email is:
    I dont have facebook or twiter.
    The item that looks the most appealing is Banshee.
    I´m from Argentina, thank you!!!!

  25. Oh yay! I adore the Type-O lipstick, but Banshee is totally a Rhiannon color, so that would be lots of fun, too. :)

    morthylla at gmail dot com

    I just shared this page on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. :)

  26. GFC: wynell

    Incineration and Graveyard Mist are most appealing to me !!!!


    posted on FB:

  27. goooood god Caput Mortuum is gorgeous!
    I really wish to enter!
    GFC: Loqi

    manonpen at gmail dot com

  28. 1. Followed - shakeupyourmakeup
    2. That entire first row of shadows looks AMAZING, but I'm really drawn into Caput Mortuum. Stunning.
    3. shakeupyourmakeup at gmail dot com
    I certainly will tweet (@shakeupurmakeup) and blog about this on my blog too -

  29. Never tried Morgana Cryptoria, and always wanted to try ‘em.

    1)GFC: Hafsah (LionsInLipstick)
    2)They all look amazing, but the ones that had me at first glance are Banshee, Caput Mortuum, Enchanted, & Paracelsus!
    3)ColorDolli89 at gmail dot com

  30. Follow you as Lutrinaë

    Banshee, Caput Mortuum & Abracadabra looks the most appealing!

    sestoalreghena at gmail dot com

  31. omg they are so gorgeous!!
    it says the have retired google friend connect
    i 'll have to add to google+ ?

  32. 1- GFC = Didi

    2- I like the "PARACELSO" eyeshadow color!!

    3- e.mail = soloparaalgunos90 at hotmail dot com

    4- Posted facebook =

    Thanks for the giveaway!!! =D

  33. 1. GFC Follower Freshie
    2. I'm super drawn in my Dragon's Blood, Abracadabra, Incineration, never seen colors quite like that and definitely not in my arsenal
    3. PolishFreshis at aol dot com
    4. Posted to by blog here:

  34. 1. My GFC name is Pearl Squirrel

    2. My favorite would be the gorgeous lipstick, and Caput Mortuum and Phantasmagoria especially. But all of these eyeshadows are so pretty!

    3. pearlsquirrel at gmail dot com

    4. I tweeted about it :)

  35. 1. I follow on GFC as Vivian Yu
    2. That gorgeous silver (Graveyard Mist) looks amazing!!
    3. vividly at gmail dot com

    thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  36. 1. GFC - Raeven

    2. I'm really loving Caput Mortuum and Dragon's Blood, but all the shadows look awesome


  37. I'm a follower on friend connect (DesiLee)
    I love the Paracelsus eyeshadow, its so pretty!
    dlmartin82 at yahoo dot com
    Posted about your giveaway here:

  38. 1. KM/Jadelyn, is what comes up in GFC, I believe. Something like that.
    3. nikaia dot jadelyn at gmail dot com
    4. Posted on my beauty tumblr:

  39. I have never purchased anything from Morgana. So, it would be nice to win the contest to see why it is such a wonderful idea to support indie brands (WISH I had the money to show that support!). All of the colors shown are gorgeous. For some reason the colors Caput Mortuum and Enchanted Forest are calling me. I am a blogger, eventhough I have just gotten back in the game these past months.
    my name "Michelle N. is what I use to sign on
    **will be posting about this giveaway immediately after I hit the publish button here :)** pinky swear!!

    Whether I win or not, please tell the makers of Morgana that it is sweet of them to do this giveaway.

  40. 1. GFC name: winda

    2. The item that looks the most appealing is: The lipstick and Bashee, but it's all so lovely looking.

    3. email:

    4. blog side bar:

  41. GFC : Shaimaa

    I am so excited to try the Paracelsus , the texture look amazing and its intense

    Tweet :
    Thanks for the chance

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. I follow you under the names Allison Webster/newyorkglitter
    my email is
    I posted this on my facebook account under the name cali ali, I also follow you on facebook.
    my favorite colors are Caput Mortuum, Dragon's Blood, Abracadabra and Graveyard Mist. I love Morgana Cryptoria and have several of her eye shadows and lip products.

  44. my gfc name is beauty fiend (whokilledlola)
    I think all the colours are stunning but especially Banshee and Caput Mortuum. Really stunning and unique colours
    my email is whokilledlola@gmail and I tweeted (

  45. Man I would luv to win.
    My fav is Banshee.
    I am a lon time follower.
    My facebook is Jacinta Young

  46. 1 My GFC name is Ninphe

    2 My favourite would be the lipstick (of course...what a lovely color!). For the eyeshadows I would look good on me Caput Mortuum, Phantasmagoria,Paracelsus, Dragon's Blood and Abracadabra.


    4 tweeted and posted on facebook ;)

  47. 1. GFC as Autumn B

    2. My favorite is Incineration, but everything looks gorgeous!

    3. Chamomile . Tea at Live dot com

    4. Shared on Facebook

  48. GFC Follower: MrsKittyKaBoom
    (Email : MrsKittyKaBoom AT gmail DOT com)

    Phantasmagoria looks fantastic, and so does Type O and Caput Mortuum...

    I've tweeted about the giveaway here:

  49. 1) My GFC name is Kikyo
    2) I really like Caput Mortuum, Enchanted Forest and Phantasmagoria and the lipstick looks just amazing!
    3) My email address is kikyo87 at gmail dot com
    4) I don't have a blogger nor any social network account.

  50. I follow you as: amiadragqueenyet?

    I love each and every swatch you posted but, if I must choose it would be the two shadows Banshee and Caput

    android_1313 at yahoo dot com

    I don't have an active blog/facebook/twitter/anything... :c

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway, whoever wins should be so lucky.

  51. No way I'd pass on a Morgana Cryptoria giveaway ;)

    1. I've been following for over a year now.
    2. I'm loving Banshee, Enchanted Forest, Cyprium, and the Type O Lipstick :)
    3. the_glamourchild at yahoo dot com
    4. Already posted this link on my facebook page.

    Thanks again for an opportunity to win some cool stuff!

  52. 1. I've been a GFC follower for ages :)
    2. Paracelsus and Phantasmagoria are encouraging me to make grabby hands at the screen..
    3. fashionadjacent at gmail dot com
    4 will push this through my networks :)

    PS it took me many goes to correctly read the comment verification thingy.. almost gave up. turning it off would be awesome, I'd comment more if you did (and I bet others would too)

    1. Sorry, but I have it in place to avoid/reduce spam and annoying comments by trolls.

  53. GFC: Olivia Garcia

    I really like Caput Mortuum !!

  54. my GFC maria rosaria milia
    I love Morgana's products, I have some. I love Banshee, Caput Mortuum, Enchanted Forest, but I'd rather have all.
    email: mrosaria at tiscali dot it
    Already posted this link on my facebook page
    thanks a lot

  55. amazing giveaway! I've been a GFC follower for quite some time, now =)

    I fell in LOVE with the Type-O lipstick!!! it's such a perfect color! :O

    nanethiel 13 @ gmail . com

  56. 1. I browse beauty blogs occasionally, but I'm excited to read your reviews!! Def. a fan of the darker, more 'goth' looking makeup.
    2. Banshee, Phantasmagoria and Dragon's Blood look so... I need words.. lush... Basically, something so gorgeous I wouldn't have to edit it after I photograph it. They look equivalent if not better than Sugarpill... If they're anywhere as awesome as the Fyrinnae and Meow halloween I have..... I shiver at the thought.
    3. I use my hotmail email as a google login, so I don't even know if I have a gmail address. I do know I'm pretty much the only RayJBady in existence. I'd prefer to not post my email anywhere. Private message is fine, but I already get spammed enough as is.
    4. Aww, but promoting means less chance for me to win!!!
    .... sigh.... twitter and fb away.

  57. 1. Claudia Bottazzi
    2.Enchanted Forest...and all the rest.
    3:cbnnan at yahoo dot it

  58. My GFC:Мартина Колева

    I really really like Phantasmagoria, Dragon's Blood, Abracadabra :)

    mskoleva at gmail dot com

  59. I'm loving Banshee eyeshadow! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

    makeupxmsp at gmail dot com

  60. This is the first time I've seen your blog and I LOVE it(and glitter). Say hello to your newest follower ;) I particularly like the shades Graveyard Mist and Caput Mortuum. My email is I am posting this on Facebook and Pinterest as we speak.

  61. Hello.

    1. I follow You through Google friend connect as Dragan Kes.

    2. Type-O Lipstick looks most appealing to me, because my girlfriend adores dark lipsticks and looks trully gorgeous all in autumn colours.

    I found out about Your blog by browsing through her bookmarks (sorry if my English is bad, we're from Croatia) :)

    3. My e-mail adress is: danijela-s (@)

    4. I don't have my own blog nor Facebook account, but I've sent information about this giveaway to all my e-mail contacts.

    Thank You, and greetings from Croatia!


  62. I follow GFC MissMidnightBlue for a quite a while now. ;) haha
    Banshee and Caput Mortuum both look awesome! :D
    I've never tried Morgana stuff and I'd love to try some. :)
    I tweeted...
    Thank you both so much! :D

  63. GFC: fatema
    most excited to try Caput Mortuum

  64. following via GFC as Gintare
    my fav is Enchanted Forest. lovely color
    email: gintare[dot]amber[at]gmail[dot]com
    posted on FB:

  65. I quite fancy the Caput Mortuum (cool name too).

    laurienics at googlemail dot com

  66. Follow GFC: prettymom
    Email: prettymom at gmail dot com
    I'm eyeing on Dragon's Blood, Abracadabra, Incineration, beautiful bright colors.
    shared on twitter:

  67. Hi, this is the second time that I must write the comment. I don´t know if you have been received the first one. I had some conection problems. Sorry for distiburd with this (and with my english)

    I follow you as Mary Jo and I new. I come looking one of your looks and I like to enter!!

    My e-mail is mariajo81 at gmail dot com

    My favourites are all of they, but principally Phantasmagoria, Banshee and Abracadabra.

    I shared it in my facebook wall:

    Thanks for the giveaway and a big kiss from Spain!!

  68. Enter me to giveaway.

    GFC: NuRya G.
    E-mail: nuria_bcn133 at hotmail dot com
    I'm loving Banshee!!


  69. GFC is just harleygrant I believe! I will post about this on my own blog too. :)

    I love Morgana's eyeshadows. :) They are crazy beautiful!

  70. Oh, and my email is!

  71. I am a fan of eye shadows, because they complement any look with the color scheme.
    Thanks :D

  72. GFC: FrancyTrilly

    i really love the eyeshadows, i've never tried morgana cryptoria. i love caput mortuum. :)


  73. Hello, My name is Arianna and I've wanted to introduce Morgana to my extensive collection for quite a convenient lol

    1. I am all over that type-O lipstick. I love wearing deep red in the fall/winter. It's so fitting.

    3. Email: musicnkarma115 at gmail dot com

    4. I am going to promote this through my twitter!!

  74. 1. I don't remember how long I've been following on Google... But I'm Helena!
    2. Type O and Graveyard Mist are so gorg.
    3. helena.paffen at gmail dot com