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Friday, March 2, 2012

Nails/NOTD: Nails Inc. Magnetic Effect Polish - Houses of Parliament

This polish was a Birthday gift from a good friend of mine. I haven't tried any of the magnetic polishes so I was a bit intimidated. I read the instructions as well as watched some youtube videos on the best way to apply this with the best results. The technique I used was apply a base coat, apply 1 coat of polish like you would a normal one and let if fully dry. When it is dry, apply the 2nd coat doing 1 nail at a time with the magnet. Super easy and looks cool!
The only issue I had was when applying the top coat, it made the polish go streaky even though it was completely dry when I applied it. I don't know if it's this formula or if it's my top coat's formula. But I only did my right hand with the top coat and not my left. So what I have shown here is my left hand with no top coat, which looks much better IMO. 


natural light

I achieved this look with:
1 coat of Avon's NAIL EXPERTS Smooth Beginnings Base Coat 
2 coats of Nail Inc. - Houses of Parliament

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  1. Nice. I haven't used a magnetic polish yet, kinda waiting for my nails to get a little longer so I actually have some space to work with. These look great though.
    And OMG your new header pic. I was all "aww, she looks so pretty... wha? OMG!!! CLOWN!!!"
    awesome. ;)