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Monday, May 9, 2011

Beats Antique Show with Zoe Jakes in Boulder 4-8-2011 PICTURE HEAVY

I think everything is fixed so go ahead and browse! *update*

So here are some pictures from the show! Was such a fun night. Was the most fun I've had in soooo long. I was literally front and center. So close I couldn't fit all the action into many pictures so some people and limbs are cut off. Sorry about that! Was such a nice experience being that close. So close I could smell the girls perfume! I wish I knew what the heck it was! Smelled so good! I'm going to add the videos at the bottom of the post. :-)

A photographer asked to get a picture of me before the show started. :-) 
Here's the link to her website:

Rest of the pics are after the jump!

 Me, my love and Tyler

 Jason in mid sentence and Tyler

 Jason and me (Yes, I made all the jewelry in case anyone was wondering)

Sue, me and goofy Jason over my shoulder

 The show started. Took us all a while to realize Zoe was playing the drum!

 She was rockin' out!

 The drummer and Zoe

 First dance piece. I know that's Kammi Liddle on the right...I seriously have no idea who the gal is on the left. She was a great dancer tho!

  Had to turn the flash on. Pictures kept turning out blurring

 She looks so sweet!

 Miss sassy pants

 They were doing some fun stuff with their legs

 Crotch shot! Notice Zoe in the back...she had this gun like thing that was supposed to shoot out confetti or something and it didn't work. She made hilarious faces trying to get it to go off but it didn't!

 Love this one!

 her drum says nasty...hee hee!

 Dude right there is her boyfriend. Lucky dog!

 Their costume was completely attached!

My fav performance of the whole night! Long video at the end!

then shit got WEIRD
and weirder

and weirder...

 Zoe crawling to the amp...

 Yes, that is Zoe humping the amp! Hhahahahaaaaaa! Was hilarious!
This was the last pic I was able to get. Zoe started walking towards the end of the stage, held my head with both hands and acted like she was licking my head! Was funny because I couldn't see anything! I just knew she had my head and I let her do whatever she wanted! Then everyone said she was licking me! Hahahahaaaa!

First video of the show!

LOVED this costume piece!

Fun solo

Spinning Zoe

Kammi Liddle Solo

Zoe and Kammi

Best video of the whole night! Such fun! She screams and grabs my friends head! She didn't wash it for a while to preserve the Zoe-ness! Ha!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Took me over 2 hours to go through everything and FIX the booboos that evil blogger did. Ugh...annoying.


  1. Ooo. OOO. Thanks for the videos :D

  2. 'Then shit got WEIRD!' Lmao. Looks like an awesome night, love a bit of cabaret!

  3. Amazing performances and costumes! :o

  4. Hot! Really cool to see ;)

  5. dang - all the dancers are so hot! I like the blurry pic of you, great hair!

  6. WOW. That looks like an incredible time! And DAMN woman, you look absolutely STUNNING!!
    Awesome post! :DD

  7. Looks like a bunch of fun!OMG your makeup is always ridiculously flawless! Gorgeous!

  8. You look absolutely fabulous as always. That aside, thank you so much for posting videos of the show. I absolutely love the music. They've got themselves a new fan now. *leaves to buy CDs*

  9. I appreciate you taking the time to post this! Looked like an AWESOME time. Makes me excited to go see Deftones next month, woot!

  10. Awesome! Zoe is amazing, and I love Kami Liddle. And that attached costume is so beautiful and badass! Thanks for posting all this!

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  12. The other female dancer is Auberon. She's AMAZN!