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Monday, March 7, 2011

Red & Black Makeup look with Morgana Cryptoria + Outfit Pics

When the heck did I reach 1,000 followers?! I'm working on a huge giveaway to thank you all for finding interest in my little bloggy. :-)  Will post more about it soon.

Here's a look I wore Saturday night. My husband and I are both totally straight, but went to a gay bar because they are fun. There weren't many girls there but my husband was hit on quite a bit...ha! There were a lot of shirtless boy whores running around and dancing.  Some were only in tighty whities. Was a very entertaining night. I have pictures but not sure if I should post them! Mwahahaaaa!

Um...hello cleavage! That rarely ever happens for me. My vest was so tight in the chest area that it just mashed them up there! Felt like someone was standing behind me holding my "girls" up.

I feel compelled to raise my eyebrow with the kissy face...

My purple roots!

Decided to put red lipstick on!

I look like I'm standing on one foot but I'm not...

Eyes (all applied in this order):
Chafing Relief Powder-Gel (applied to upper lid, blending in gently with ring finger) 
Detrivore Eye Primer (applied to upper eye area patting then rubbing in gently with ring finger)
Morgana - LE #5 (applied under brow with MAC 217 by patting, sweeping and blending downward) 
Morgana - All Holos-Gleam (applied to outer V with MAC 217 by lightly patting/blending) 
Morgana - Harbinger (applied to outer half of of upper eye lid with MAC 239 by patting/sweeping) 
Morgana - Bloody Mary (applied to inner corner and inner half of upper lid with MAC 239 by patting/sweeping outward)
TKB - red sparks! Applied to inner 1/3 of lower lash line by patting with MAC 228)
Avon ultra luxury eye liner pencil in black (applied to upper lash line winging out and outer 2/3 of lower lash line)
Cover Girl Volume exact mascara in Very Black (upper lashes)

Eyebrows: Ardell Eyebrow powder in soft black (applied with MAC 266)

Lips: L'Oreal Endless color lipstick in Saucy Sangria

Face: Skin MD Shielding lotion
Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder in Translucent Light (applied using a flocked sponge by patting then blending) 


  1. Wow, your body is so adorable.

  2. Love your hair, the bangs look so cute! Congrats on 1,000 followers!

  3. Gorgeous! Red and black is my favorite color combo - from head to toe, you have it down.

  4. Your makeup is always one of the best I've ever seen! Congrats!

    Alexandra from Romania! ^.^

  5. I like your outfit and congrats on the 1000 followers!

  6. You look beautiful, love the purple roots too..
    And do I spot Dr Martens on you feet? Love 'em!

  7. Love the look, and the outfit! And are those bangs real or clip-in? They look AMAZING.

  8. Beautiful! I particularly like it with the red lippie :)

  9. Your makeup skills are fantastic x

  10. love this look and ur purple roots! I just luv ur style!! :)

  11. Gorgeous eyes. Loving the purple roots and bangs!

  12. Great look! Love the hair :>

  13. Gorgeous! I love the outfit. Did you make your necklaces?

  14. You look adorable! And your ears are purple. XD

  15. Great make-up but I was drooling over your skirt! Super awesome hemline!

  16. LOVE the make-up & the look! Red & black = perfect. + you have an amazing body. You should definetly post some of the pics of the gay bar :D

  17. just found a picture in google img..

    damn girl, u look amazing !

    i let you know before stealing photo for my label edit ; )
    check some:
    be my friend: