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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Smokey Gray/Silver & Purple Makeup look with Morgana Cryptoria

Wearing this cranberry red turtleneck with this look made me think about fashion "rules". One that I learned when I was young is that you shouldn't wear makeup to match your clothes as it can be too matchy and look washed out. I don't really follow makeup/trend/fashion rules except for some (shoes should match yo' belt) but I do understand the washed out thing. However, from time to time, something I'm wearing will inspire a makeup look, which will result in matchiness!
So do you wear makeup to match your clothes, or do you wear whatever you feel like? I think I'd be too stressed if I tried to match my makeup and clothes all the time. I should be glad I mostly wear black tho. It matches everything!

All Holos-Gleam is MUCH more sparkly in person!

I was being silly for the last 3 full face pics...
Who is this person?! Holy crap I look like the troll from Willow!

Umm...that's the best troll pic I could find. Can you see the resemblance? Please tell me someone knows this movie! I love Willow!

trying to show the sparkles with blurry pics!

Eyes (all applied in this order):
Too Faced Shadow Insurance (applied to lower lash line and upper lid, blending in gently with ring finger)
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (applied all around the eyes, rubbing in gently with ring finger) 
Morgana - LE #5 (applied under brow with MAC 217 by patting, sweeping and blending downward)
Morgana - All Holos-Gleam (applied to upper lid with MAC 239 by patting/sweeping)
Morgana - Shallow Grave (applied to outer V and crease with Coastal Scents Sable Contour brush by patting)
Morgana - Nightmare (haloed around Shallow Grave with Coastal Scents Sable Contour brush by patting/sweeping)
Morgana - Shallow Grave (applied to lower lash line blending out into the V with MAC 228)
Morgana - Silver Bells (applied to inner V with MAC 228 by patting/sweeping)
Morgana - LE #5 (applied to inner corner/tear duct area with MAC 228 by patting)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in White (applied to water line with MAC 210 extending outward, also applied to inner corner)
Cover Girl Volume exact mascara in Very Black (lower lashes)
Ardell Lashes #113

Eyebrows: Ardell eyebrow powder in soft black (applied with MAC 266)

NYX lip liner pencil in Fuschia
Morgana Cryptoria Vegan Lipstick - Azalea Blue

Face: Skin MD Shielding lotion
Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder in Translucent Light (applied using a flocked sponge by patting then blending) 
Joelle Cosmetics - Rose Glow Radiance (applied to cheeks with a small angled blush brush) 

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! The winner will be announced tomorrow! Good luck everyone. :-D


  1. I love your photos and you always amuse me when you make random faces, you remind me a lot of a friend of mine actually when you do that.
    Amazing make up as always.

  2. Beautiful!

    Also (and I mean this totally as a compliment) has anyone ever told you that you look like PJ Harvey circa 1995-1996?

  3. omg my siblings and I watched that movie allll the time growing up! Those trolls always scared the CRAP out of my sister and me lol >.<

    Pretty look, as always! I don't think it technically "matches" since the purpley color is kind of an accent; you have the silver and stuff in there too, so it "goes" but doesn't "match", ya know? ;3

  4. WILLOW = MY CHILDHOOD. I love that troll photo of you hahaha.

    Your lip colour is beautiful! I don't match my clothes to my outfit, because I pretty much just wear all black. >_> Occasionally I'll wear a bright tshirt if I legit can't find anything else to wear, and even then I'm just wary of wearing red with a green shirt in case someone pays me out saying Christmas came early. :P

  5. BWAHAHAHA! I loved scrolling down to your funny pictures! XD

    LOVE this combination and your lips look fantabulous in that color.

  6. hello! i recently discovered your blog! is amazing, keep going on this good job! you my check out mine, you`ll love it! if you follow, i`ll return the favor! tnx!

  7. wow..pretty...very nice eye makeup...hey why have you used this shocking pink lipstick on your is different from your top.

  8. I had never heard that rule before! I break it all the time...

  9. Haha! Willow! That made me laugh and no you don't look like that troll but that comment cracked me up! My kids and I will sometimes make the goat sound, "Wiilloowwww" like that old lady who turned into a goat would do, just to be goofy.

    I love Azalea Blue, so bright and pretty and I need to get more of her eyeshadows. I'm so poorage right now.

    Another pretty look- thank you!

  10. Gorgeous look! And yes, I loved Willow too!!

  11. I reckon there are waaay to many rules that we're s'posed to follow so I generally just do what I want and hope for the best. I mean if I was wearing a completely purple outfit then I'd probably avoid purple eyeshadow but that's about as strict as I get :)

    Love the pink lips! I'm so jealous cos my lips are really small and thin so I kinda have to stick with light nude/pink shades lest I make them look even smaller. It sucks :(

  12. very pretty you always have such gorgeous looks!!


  13. I love Willow !

    And the pics are fab, even the weird ones you end up looking gorgeous !

    And no way do you look like the troll, you ain't hair enough !!

  14. soooooooooo pretty! and i', luvn the lip color!!!! :D

  15. That lid color is AMAZING! And I LOVE Azalea blue on you!

  16. lol - hell yes i remember that troll (one of the movies i saw in cinema with my dad as a child, and multiple times later :D)... buuut i must say, the similarity is low. ;)
    looks great.

  17. Oh my! in love with that lipstick!!! and LOL!!!! at the picture with your funny face

  18. Love Willow! Beautiful combination as always! :o) You would never look like a Troll! Your lip color is Amazing! So pretty.

  19. Love this look! I usually wear black so I can wear any shade then, but if I do have a shirt with some more color it happens that I match it a little =)

  20. Gorgeous! Love the lipstick! x