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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Green Gray Teal glitter liner Makeup look with Aromaleigh Lost in Faerie

Soooo in the middle of packing, moving, then unpacking, I misplaced some of my Aromaleigh shadows. They are the ones I got most recently and had not had a chance to go through all of them and organize them into my drawers. I just found them the other day so I figured I would try out another look with the Lost in Faerie collection. I paired it with Morgana's Plumeria lipgloss which is SO LOVELY! Feels like a softer look for me but still very pretty IMO.
My glitter liner turned out surprisingly well considering I forgot to line with black liner first to use as a guide. *shrugs*
Eyes (all applied in this order):
Too Faced Shadow Insurance (applied all around the eyes, blending in gently with ring finger)
Detrivore Eye Primer (applied all around the eyes, blending in gently with ring finger) 
Simply Natural's - Flesh (applied under brow with MAC 217 by patting, sweeping and blending downward)
AL - Rosina (applied to inner corner with MAC 228 by patting)
AL - Meliora (applied to upper lid with MAC 239 by patting/sweeping)
AL - Trixy (applied to outer V and crease with Coastal Scents Sable contour Brush by patting/sweeping)
AL - Xylia (applied to outer crease with Coastal Scents Sable contour Brush by patting/sweeping)
AL - Erlina (applied to lower lash line extending out with MAC 228 by patting/sweeping)
AL Bete Noire Femme glitter - Delilah  (mixed with Sally Girl Glitter Glue, swiped onto upper lash line and winging outward )
NYX Jumbo Pencil in White (applied to water line with MAC 210 extending outward, also applied to inner corner)
Ardell Lashes #113

Eyebrows: Ardell eyebrow powder in soft black (applied with MAC 266)

Lips: Morgana's Mystical gloss in Plumeria
Face: Skin MD Shielding lotion
Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder in Translucent Light (applied using a flocked sponge by patting then blending)
AL You're a Doll! Gothic Lolita Rouge in Corset (applied to cheeks with a small angled blush brush)


  1. Your lid and crease and liner look stunning.

  2. Super pretty and I love your colour combination. You always have perfect eyeliner application too. Gah! <3

  3. I do like the glitter eyeliner. It did well all by itself; no black liner needed.

    I think I have to get some of that lip gloss!

  4. With your eyes open it reminded me of a look MakeupbyTiffanyD did recently, but when you look down I realised it was totally different :)

    Plumeria looks really multi-dimensional and coooool O__O

  5. Gorgeous as usual :) Love the look

  6. looks great - I'd never consider the greenish colour under the eye but it works really well and I love the white on the water line cos it definitely makes your eyes pop (in the good way!)

  7. I'm dying to try that gloss! I think I'll have to pick one up in my next order. Looks wonderful on you. :P

  8. Lovely, I wouldn't have thought of using Erlina with the other colours but it looks great.

  9. Hi!!!
    I found your blog and fell in love with your make ups!!!Are all shadows Aromaleigh?
    From now on I will read all your posts!
    Congrats on your job!!!

  10. Erlina looks so pretty here and I just picked up Morgana's lipstick in 24k pumpkin. I'm really wanting to wear it.

  11. Very beautiful look, I love the liner!


    you've been tagged for a blog award!

  13. Very pretty look! And I gave you a blog award.

  14. Love how you do your eyebrows!

  15. This is such a pretty look! I just followed ur blog! Great blog u have here. U're so talented with make up.