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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spy Theme Party Pics

There aren't as many pics as I was hoping to get. But many people didn't dress up for the theme anyway. I didn't get any good pics of the Birthday boy and his wife, which I was wanting the most!!! I couldn't find my camera half the time so I missed some fun things. Dang it! So annoying how that happens sometimes.
Yep, I was Aeon Flux. Some people figured it out but some people didn't even know what Aeon Flux was. Which is just wrong! You can't get this costume anywhere. I just through a bunch of random things together that seemed to work. I'm not nearly as scrawny or busty as the real Aeon...but she is a cartoon after all. I swear if someone calls me Lara Croft one more time I will freak out!

Dimitri and his wife Emily, were tourists (spies) sporting touristy clothing, sunglasses, a backpack and a camera. I thought that was a decent spy outfit as that's a common disguise for spies.

Miah and his girlyfriend Erin.


People hanging out around the bar

More people standing around the bar

Dimitri texting and hanging out with his wife, Emily

flash doesn't work well with the fog machine going...

Jason, Ryan and me

My turn to make a face...

then we all made faces

Jason DJing...and pooping his pants perhaps?

Jason and me. I look pissed as usual! Where'd my glove go?

It was a fun night but I wish I got better pictures and more pictures in general to share with you. Other people had cameras so if I get more pics from them, I may have to post 'em!
I hope the rest of your weekend goes well. I have work to do, but I may have time for a makeup post later!


  1. You look so great! Your Body is a dream! O_O

  2. You are in the theme ^^
    You are pretttttttty he!he!
    Other ppl were spy but in an incognito way loool

  3. wow, that was some hot costume !

  4. I LOVE the Aeon Flux costume! I remember watching all the old cartoons on MTV. You'd think after the movie from a few years ago people would get it.

  5. awesome costume, your body is rockin' girly! Gotta say, you look amazing with that length hair :)

  6. *wolfwhistle* oh my, it's getting hot in here! Seriously you look so sexy, you have an amazing figure. Love all the funny face pictures.

  7. Dude, I knew who you were :). I was like, she looks like Aeon. For a while I seriously wanted her hair. How did you get your's to look like that? Awesome custome ;)

  8. I totally thought you were Aeon Flux as soon as I saw the thumbnail, but I didnt guess it from your previous post :P

  9. haha i totally knew who you were before you wrote it underneath the pics. I think your costume was a cross between the film and cartoon - film hair cartoon skimpiness lol