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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aromaleigh Victoria's Revenge Swatches

I just got these lovelies in the mail yesterday. Wasn't feeling too well so I didn't swatch them until this morning. I know a lot of other wonderful gals have swatched these and posted pictures too, which I've been drooling over! Here are my swatches. I couldn't wait to see these for myself. They are all so beautiful...I seriously think I want them all in full size...uh oh!

From left to right: Poison Utopia, Nightshade, Skeleton Key, Splintered, Obscura, Scratched Scruples, Frigid Gloom, Mayhem's Trilogy, Tarnished Strychnine, Private Lunacy, Freakshow, Perpetual Motion, Brazen & Bitter and Airy Ethos.
Natural light


From left to right: Infernal Chaos, Cyanide Sorrow, Oleander Vapor, Apocalypse Pansy, Bleeding Poppy, Magick & Metal, Phantasm, Gaslight Tears, Mania's Locus, Mourning's Whimsy and Ruthless Indulgence 
natural light


See anything you like? As I said, I really think these are all so pretty and worth getting. The names are really dark and dreamy to me, which adds to the appeal.

Victoria's Revenge is now available! Samples are $1 each and a full jar is $8.

 I received these samples for review purposes.


  1. Poison Utopia, Skeleton Key, Scratched Scruples, Infernal Chaos, Apocalypse Pansy, Bleeding Poppy, Gaslight Tears, Mania's Locus, Ruthless Indulgence... are the ones I want... yeah I'm soo in trouble :P

  2. Great swatches! I have a lot of new favorites from this collection. They are all so pretty.

  3. Those colors are gorgeous, espcially the first row of swatches!

  4. Umm, yeah. I love them all!!!! Your swatches are different, and I appreciate them. :)

    I hope you post a look (or two) with these soon.

  5. OMG im like hyper ventilating right now. I NEED SOME OF THEM! I wish that I could just reach into the computer and take those samples! AHH! LOL okay. I will place an order once I have time.

  6. Sooo pretty! I've just ordered samples for almost the entire collection. Hope they're even more beautiful in person!

  7. These are nice swatches! Thanks a lot!

  8. Some of them are so so beautiful. I love Skeleton Key, Mourning's Whymsy and Ruthless Indulgence.

  9. Dude, you do awesome swatches <3 so clear

  10. Great swatches! These seem to be uber pigmented, umm I'm loving them all :)

  11. Your swatches are beautiful. Thank you!