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Friday, January 2, 2015

Outfit/OOTD: Black mini bustle dress

This was an outfit from last Saturday. I went to a Birthday party and had to wear something cute! The high collar top/dress and corset were a gift from my husband a few years ago, so I love wearing them together.

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Makeup look for this is posted HERE.
Black High Collar bustle shirt/dress: Tambukiki
Black Leggings: Ola Mari Clothing
Black short ruffle skirt (has built in shorts): I got it on eBay but I can't remember what store.
Corset: Lip Service
Black Lace Cuffs: I made them
Knee high wedge boots: Dr. Martens
Jewelry is from my website
I tend to keep stuff for many years so it's often difficult for me to remember where I got everything. In the event that I do remember exactly where I got something, I will share the link if there is one.


  1. I love the whole outfit. That shirt is really cool.

  2. Lovely outfit! The Doc Leannes are so comfy, I wear mine daily during the colder months.

  3. Awesome outfit! I love the high collar on the dress.