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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Outfit/OOTD: Red and Black

This was an outfit I put together to go dancing where my hubby DJ's occasionally. This is not normally the type of outfit I would wear, but I felt like doing something different and I felt like lately I have been wearing a lot of purple. So it was time for red! I sort of felt like a gothy cheerleader. Heh heh!

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Makeup look for this is posted HERE.

Black mesh V neck crop top: eBay
Red Leggings: Ola Mari Clothing
Black D-ring lace up skirt:  Coquette Couture 1827 (no longer in business)
Over the knee socks (I sewed silver buttons on them): Sock Dreams
Red fingerless gloves: They were a gift and I don't know where from.
V-Stud Black Boots: Refuse To Be Usual
Jewelry is from my website
I tend to keep stuff for many years so it's often difficult for me to remember where I got everything. In the event that I do remember exactly where I got something, I will share the link if there is one.

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