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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Outfit/OOTD: Black and gray with mini skirt and tall boots

I haven't done an outfit post in several months. I feel this isn't that great of a pic, so I'll work on that.  I get many requests for outfit/fashion posts, so I will do my best to start posting more outfits. I'd like to do one once a week...but I'm not sure if that is doable. But I veel try!

This particular outfit was from a couple weeks ago. I love wearing fun tights with tall boots in the fall, when it starts to get cooler. When it gets more chilly in the evening, I would just throw a cute black jacket on.

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Close up of zee tights.

Turtleneck and tights are from eBay stores.
I have no idea where I got the skirt but it has built in shorts.
Boots are Dr. Martens
Scarab Tassel necklace is from my website
Bracelet is some cheap thing from a random store. 

I tend to keep stuff for many years so it's often difficult for me to remember where I got everything. In the event that I do remember exactly where I got something, I will share the link if there is one.

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