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Monday, February 3, 2014

Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow Primer and Lipgloss Review

These products were sent to me courtesy of Stars Makeup Haven for review purposes. While I did not purchase these items, all opinions here are my own. Let's get started!

Even though I own most of Stars Makeup Haven's eyeshadows (all of which I purchased), I for some reason, had no idea they had eyeshadow primers and lipglosses. So with knowing how great the shadows are, I was delighted at the opportunity to give their other products a try.

 This is what I received: 3 eyeshadow primers and 4 lipglosses.

We'll start with the primers. Per their website:
"It's finally here! Our eyeshadow primer! Just like everybody's favorite, but half the price! Our eyeshadow primer brightens your eyeshadow and helps it stay on all day, without creasing!"

Price for Stars Makeup Haven's Mox-E-Poxy Eyeshadow Primer is $9.

 As you can see, we have Foxy, Roxy and Moxie.

Foxy is a matte nude. 
Roxy is a shimmery champagne.
Moxie is a charcoal shimmer with olive undertones.
 From left to right: Foxy, Roxy and Moxie


Using 2 different shadows, I swatched them over all three primers to show you how they look with the different primers. The top eyeshadow is Stars Makeup Haven's Teal Tuesday and the bottom is 1492.
With flash

Natural indirect light.

I've been using these primers for the last couple weeks to be able to really get to know the products and give you my best opinion.

In terms of packaging, the primers come in long, sleek tubes and have doe foot wand applicators. I know some of you love this type of packaging, while others not so much. Since it's not in a squeezable tube, some product will be left behind and thus, wasted. Overall, you'll still get use of most of the product and for the price, I think it's worth it especially compared to other, much more expensive brands.

When applying these, I found them all to be silky, smooth and easy to blend.

Here are some eye looks I have done using their primers:
 The look for this is posted HERE.

 The look for this is posted HERE.

The look for this is posted HERE.

Now in terms of performance, these primers work so well for me. I have extremely oily lids and have problems with creasing and makeup sliding around when not using a primer or not using a good quality primer. When using Mox-E-Poxy Eyeshadow Primers, I had absolutely no problem with creasing or shadow moving around. The primers helped my eyeshadows stick and had amazing staying power! Even after wearing all day and exercising (sweating my butt off like crazy!), my makeup stayed intact and I had to work at getting the makeup off as though I had just put in on. I will definitely continue to use these regularly!

Now onto the lipgloss!
As you can see, we have Dazzle, Sugar Plum, Jezebel and Bitten

Sugar Plum - a shimmering plum with gold pearl.

Jezebel - an intense bluish red.

Bitten - a copper red with copper and gold reflects.

Dazzle - a neutral warm pink with subtle multicolor shimmer.

What the site says about these:
"They are finally here! We have been perfecting the formula for over 18 months. We NEVER rush to bring anything to market until it has been tested, tested, and then tested again. SMH won't put their name on anything until it's perfect! Which brings us to our lip gloss. It is intensely pigmented and available in a wide variety of colors to suit all skin types. It is formulated with tangerine essential oil which helps give lips more volume and shine. Comes with a sponge tip applicator for smooth, easy application."

Price is $9

These come in the same type of tubes as the eyeshadow primers and also have doe foot wand applicators, which are my fav for lipgloss and lipstick application.
The gloss goes on nicely and is moisturizing to my lips. They are not sticky at all. I only noted a very light, sort of sweet smell when applying at first, but no longer notice it shortly after applying. There is also no taste that I can tell, which I like. I wore one of these out to dinner and while it did not quite last, my lips weren't left feeling like "OMG I need to apply more lipgloss now!". Which is important!
The particular colors I received are lovely shades that would compliment most skin tones well. My favs are Jezebel and Bitten.

Overall I have enjoyed using the eyeshadow primers and lipglosses. I will especially continue to use the eyeshadow primers! They are of great quality and I highly recommend them.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


  1. Eyeshadow primers <3 Moxie is the best ;) I think this is the first dark primer I've ever seen.

  2. These really look amazing! The primers ( I'd definitely combine them when I want a more dramatic look), and eventhough I don't really wear lipgloss, I like these, they look pelasant and pretty sheer, which I like! :D

  3. both the primers & lip shades look really nice.