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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nails/NOTD: Avon Matte - Black as Night

I've had 2 Avon matte polishes for a few months and haven't tried them until now. I've always thought matte polishes looked so cool, so I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to actually wear what I have.
This formula was a bit of a pain to work with, but it dried really fast.

 natural light


I achieved this look with:
1 coat of Avon's NAIL EXPERTS Smooth Beginnings Base Coat 
2 coats of Avon matte polish - Black as Night

Of course I didn't use a top coat...that would make it shiny again. :-P


  1. OMG! I must have this!! It looks amazing!

  2. Ooh--looks amazing! Nicely applied especially since as you said it was tough to work with.

  3. I have this same AVON color and I like it but I find it chips within an hour. How did it wear for you? I'm just wondering if my nails don't "do" matte.
    Looks great btw

  4. I sell Avon, and I've been on the fence about trying these... and in these pics, it looks wicked cool. I will probably wind up throwing a few into my next order now :D

  5. I must buy this polish *.* looks so pretty.

  6. WOW!
    I don't like matte that much...but this is amazing *__*