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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NOTD: Crazy Carnival Nails with NYX White & Carnival + China Glaze Liquid Leather

Last Sunday we went to a Haunted House that was Carnival theme. I originally intended to dress up for this theme with the hubby, but by the end of the day, neither one of us felt like it. However, I did do my nails for the theme. :-)  The haunted house itself wasn't particularly scary, but it was really cool! It was in 3D so we had to wear those funny glasses. I wish I could have taken pictures but I don't think they would let me. Oh well.

A weird thing about this is that I didn't realize this glitter polish was called "Carnival", until I was cropping and naming the photos and had to look at the polishes to name the pictures. How appropriate!  Hahahaaa!  It also makes me think of New Years parties as well as Christmas ornaments. Crazy multi-coloured glitter!

Here's what I did:


inside with artificial light

If you're thinking, "OMG, this looks insane!". Well, it was supposed to be. :-)

I achieved this look with:
1 coat of Avon's NAIL EXPERTS Smooth Beginnings Base Coat 
2 coats of  NYX Girls - White
1 coat of stripes with China Glaze - Liquid Leather
2 coats of NYX Girls - Carnival
1 coat of Avon's NAIL EXPERTS UV Gloss Guard Top Coat