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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Haunted Hospital Party Pictures

Looking at these you would think this is from a Halloween party, but it wasn't. This was a few months ago. :-)  We threw a Haunted Hospital theme party giving people the option to dress as a Doctor, Nurse or patient. It could be creepy, gory or naughty. I wore my vinyl nurse dress and a garrison cap to be a creepy military nurse. I wore morgana cryptoria makeup. My hubby was a creepy doctor.

For the decor we made a lot of it. We had a lot of spare off white fabric left over from previous projects that we used to splatter with blood. We were in the back yard splattering paint and walking/putting hand and knife prints on the fabric. I'm sure our neighbors were wandering what the heck we were up to. :-) We also bloodied up a bunch of household items.

 mmm...lady fingers!

snack table

click below for the rest of the decorations and party!


door way to kitchen

mirror in the foyer


Some people used the bathroom and immediately came out, "OMG I love your bathroom!".  during the party we took the light bulbs out so you couldn't turn the lights on. You had to deal with using the toilet with a couple candles.

living room

"everyone will suffer..."

Maya must have been curious. :-)

Snack table with snacks on it!

Miah and other guests I don't know

Jason, dimitri and Emily on the couch

Guess what kind of doctor Sue was? I'll give you a hint, she's a lesbian. :-P


Ryan and Angela

Part of Rob and Sue

 Trey, Rob and Ryan

 Miah, Steve and Dawn

 Them again

 Steve up close...

Mark and guests (can't remember their names!)

 Rob, ? and Tiffany

 Me and Miah (his mouth looks like a butthole...)

 Angela, Ryan and me

Steve, Jason, Dimitri and Emily

 me walking away

 I was growling and acting like a zombie or something...I dunno! this dress is way too small for me...

 Angela, Ryan, Dimitri and Emily


Trey and Dawn talking to Sue

Tiffany, Sarah and Jacob

Caught me doing shots!


from below

True love...

I'd like to take something of yours to remember you by...

I'd like your hand...

 ...and your heart!


Steve, me and Jason

That's all! Hope you enjoyed these. Perhaps it will inspire you this Halloween. :-D



  1. Your party looked amazing!! The decor is beautiful.. I mean bloody disgusting lol. Your makeup look fab too. Do a tutorial?

  2. The cats looking so comfy in all the gore are just too funny!

    Black lights are a good substitute for regular lightning too, and most big DIY stores sell the bulbs.

  3. Haha, your house looks freaking amazing! I love it.

  4. Cool! Looks like everyone had a great time. Love your costume!

  5. Wow, that´s very cool looking party :) And I like your make-up too.

  6. I'm not going to lie, I want to bone you a little bit in that outfit. This is a REALLY cool idea for a party :D

  7. What a clever idea for a party. Looks like you all had a great time.

  8. Love the pictures :D
    I am totally inspired by the pcitures!
    CAn you please tell me where did you get your dress/costume?
    I love it!
    Thanks :D

  9. Freakin awesome decor! Wish we did Halloween like in the US!