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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Food & Exercise Log 4-9-11

Green Smoothie batch of the day (I don't change it too much from day to day)

2 cups baby spinach (smashed like crazy into measuring cup to get as much in there as possible!)
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup 1% milk
4 tablespoons of Sunflower Seed Butter
2 bananas
1 cup low fat strawberry yogurt (with live cultures)
1 cup egg whites
4 tablespoons Wheat Germ

Calories: 1377
Fat: 39.8 g (healthy fat!)
Protein: 67 g

This makes a huge batch that fills up a 64 oz. container. I keep it in the fridge and drink all day long.


1 huge cup of coffee with a tablespoon of cream/sugar
1 glass of smoothie
1 homemade pancake

1 glass of smoothie
6 oz of roasted chicken

1 glass of smoothie
4 oz. roasted chicken

 What my lunch/dinner looks like. Doesn't look like much but chicken and these smoothies are VERY filling. I could barely finish this! I realize the chicken doesn't look very good in this picture, but it didn't look that weird in real life. :-)

Smoothie time! Made another one with an avocado, a mango and 3 cups of milk.
Then later in the evening had a bowl of healthy frozen yogurt (has live cultures) with fruit.

My exercise of the day was Cathe Slow & Heavy: Chest, Back and Planks. Oh my chest and back are very sore today!

Calories for the day added up to about 2500 (that's after the 300+ burned from working out). I could have eaten more but didn't really need to or feel like it.


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