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Monday, January 31, 2011

Exercise Room finally in order!

Some of you know I'm an exercise nut and health freak...some of you don't. We had a very busy weekend. We spent a lot of time finishing up some decorating and organizing the house. We have an extra bedroom with our new place and since moving in, it has been the junk room for things we just had no idea what to do with. We tackled it and turned it in to an exercise room.Yay! Will also be great for dance practice. :-)
I just realized the only things missing from the room are our stability balls. They're still hanging out in the garage.

So this is what the room looks like.
 Weight bench in far right corner, used for chest presses/flies, hamstring curls and quad extensions. It can also be used for other things but that's usually what I do with it. We got some padding to put under the rug for extra cushion when doing floor work.

 Mini stepper on the left, weight tower and other free weights on the right. I wanted the candle screen in here for my light exercise days of doing yoga and stretching. The LED candles add more calm and sereneness to yoga workouts for me. LOVE!

 Closet doors were taken off to make extra room and make it easier to access the floor mats, steps, barbells, plates and resistance bands.

 We put padding down to protect the wood floors from the equipment. I will be making and putting up curtains over the closet to make it look better. There's still some random stuff on the top shelf. I will also be using this room for sewing once I get a better sewing table. I also use this closet to hang dry some clothes which is why there's a bunch of hangers.

 Computer used to play my workout DVD's, music and Netflix. I'm looking for a real desk (probably small corner style) to replace the crappy table.

Shot of this side of the room so you can get a feel for how it is set up.

So now that everything is in order, I can get back to posting my workouts for you guys and girls who are interested. I have been working out regularly but it's mostly been the same routine since all my stuff was buried in the garage. It's quite amusing as most people assume the workout stuff is my husband's, but it's all MINE. :-) He does use it but it took me years of harassing to get him to join me. Now he's a Cathe addict like I am!

I know a lot of you appreciate my workout posts and a good lot of you don't. So I was wondering what you think about me creating a separate blog specifically for health/fitness? Lemme know as it would be easy to make a new blog and post there instead of here, if too many people don't want it here with my beauty posts.



  1. I enjoy both your makeup posts and your exercise posts, so I would follow a separate blog as well as this one if you decided to create one. I wish I could have a dedicated room like that! :)

  2. That room came out great. I wish my workout space was as bright and inspiring! Maybe I'd use it more.

    If you start another blog, I'll so follow. Don't mind reading about your workouts here though.

    Congrats again on the house. Really looks like you are making it a comfy home.

  3. I love health and fitness posts, and don't mind if you want to keep posting them here...of course if you decide to make a separate blog for those, I would follow that one too.

    (Question: How has that mini stepper worked out for you? I was thinking about getting one, since I don't have the luxury of extra space like you do!)

  4. This looks so good, I still have to do sofa dodging in my living room. I would LOVE a workout room. Hopefully one day :)

    I am happy reading your workout posts here but a dedicated blog would be really cool too.

  5. I think health/beauty are the same thing. I'm very much a hypocrite in that sense, but it's true! I don't think you need another blog.

  6. I like your exercise room. As for posting in a separate blog, people don't have to read and if I see a title of something I am not interested in any blog I just don't read it.

  7. Oh I am SO jealous that you have a whole room just for exercising! I have to make due with my TINY living room.

    I would definitely enjoy reading a fitness blog written by you.

  8. It's so prettyy!! I love the curtains. Honestly, I think that you should make a new blog for the fitness stuff as some people like fitness better =) Personally, I like both =)

  9. Hi, I'm a new subscriber. Personally I'm not interested in posts about your workouts, but it won't annoy me either, I'll just move on to the beauty related posts.

  10. I'd say beauty and fitness go hand in hand, the same blog is good, you never know when you'll inspire a makeup fiend to start working out or vice versa...

  11. Hello Sweetie!

    I've exactly same hobbies than you, so I can easily read all your topics from same blog :)

    I love your makeups! <3

    Greetings from snowy Finland

  12. What a great exercise room! I especially like the candle screen - I love anything that helps make a meditation/yoga space more peaceful and kind of...separated out, if that makes sense.