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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Info about my makeup pictures

I'm going to post a bunch of pictures from my looks from over the years, sometime don't remember what I used for all of them but if you are curious, please let me know as I might be able to find out since my photos are organized into folders by brands. I tend to use loose minerals over everything else. However, I sometimes use MAC, 88 palette (shimmer and matte) and glitter from various brands. Only a small amount of looks were inspired by others (although I can't remember which ones) so I won't be able to give credit to whom inspired them. But moving forward, I will be able to do that. So if you recognize something and you believe you know where it came from, don't think I'm being a turd and claiming it as my own. I'm a very respectful and understanding person. As for the looks I have created myself (which is most of them) I would appreciate credit if you decide to post pictures of your version.

Thanks so much!

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