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Monday, July 30, 2012

Full Sized Sobe Botanicals Eyeshadow Giveaway! *CLOSED*

Hello! I said I would be doing a giveaway soon, featuring eyeshadows used for this look/tutorial here, and here it is!

 What I am offering is full sized jars of the 6 Nom De Plume shadows I used to create this look, courtesy of Lex of Sobe Botanicals.


Here are the eyeshadows up for grabs:
 Genre - Gorgeous light golden bronze nude with bronze, red & copper sparkles

 Perfect Ending - Medium lighter lilac/purple with green & mauve shimmer plus aqua sparkles

Euphamism -  Light grey toned blue with blue shimmer

Hyperbole - Bright blue toned purple with lavender & blue shimmer + blue, pink & purple sparkles

 Connotations - Dark blue with gold shimmer & sparkles

Antagonist - Blackened silver w/ purple, red & gold

How to enter:

1. You must be a follower of my blog through Google friend connect. (no unfollowing after the giveaway is over, I've heard of this happening and that is rude, plus you don't want to miss out on future giveaways!)

2. You must leave a comment in this post with the shadow(s) you like the most that I'm offering,  with your email address as shown, so I can contact you for your shipping information: you at blogger dot com

3. If you have your own blog, twitter or even a Facebook account, you must post about this giveaway where you can and post a comment with the link so I can check it. I will be checking! :-)

This giveaway starts now and will end Sunday evening on August 5th. The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on Monday, Aug 6th. The winner will be contacted once the giveaway is closed to let you know you won. The winner will be given 48 hours to respond with their shipping address. If they don't, a new winner will be chosen.

This giveaway is open internationally!

If you have any questions at all, please let me know.



  1. i think out of all of them i love the antagonist the best! its gorgeous! p.s. i'm a new follower, you're blog is rad!!!!


  2. also! check it out, i tweeted about your giveaway!!


  3. i am a follower
    Perfect Ending, Hyperbole and Antagonist are my favorites

  4. 1. Follower ID: JAGA

    2. shadow: Genre
    email address:

    3. Link:

  5. Oh boy, this is a good one! I am usually a purple freak but am really liking Antagonist, Connotations and Genre today. If I win I will try to recreate the look you did with these colors. I bet after 50 tries I might get it!

  6. My favorites out of the collection would be Genre and perfect ending! this giveaway is so cool!!!

    E-mail =

  7. My favourites are Hyperbole, Connotations and Antagonist.
    GFC SuperHotFemale
    email sari dot susanna at hotmail dot com
    Fb link:

  8. My favorites are the last 2: Connotations and Antagonist.

  9. I like both perfect ending and hyperbole. Not sure which i like better.
    Facebook link:
    Twitter link:

  10. Oh, I love all of them, but Genre has to be my favorite in this collection. We have the same color eyes, so it's cool to see what ithis look would look like on myself!



  11. I'm a follower!

    I love antagonist, it is really pretty!

    dlmartin82 at yahoo dot com

  12. My favorite is definitely antagonist!
    misterandmisdemeanor at gmail dot com

    All my blogs are currently dead, but if I start up again it'll most likely be posted at

  13. The Nom De Plume collection is fabulous! I want 'em all! Three colors really stood out for me: Perfect Ending, Hyperbole and Antagonist. I'm new to your blog but you got me hooked! Check my twitter account, I tweeted your giveaway @purplereign401


  14. I follow and my favorite is definitely the Antagonist shadow
    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

  15. i just started following via google and love the look you created.
    hyperbole is my favorite and the email is
    i shared the link to this contest on facebook:

  16. Antagonist is just perfect *.*

    my email: vilostenonis at gmail dot com

    and the link is:

  17. Hi from Argentina!!! My favourite is ANTAGONIST, it´s incredible!!! I hope to win.


  18. Posting from dreary (today) NE Georgia! My favorite is Perfect Ending; I love the shiftiness and the aqua sparkles! Email is Stephanie (stephlynnette74) on GFC. And link to my profile on FB where I shared:

  19. antagonist and hyperbole are gorgeoussss!


    GFC maria elena (
    posted on FB =]

  20. Elloooo! Thanks so much for the giveaway! :) I've been a follower of yours for a while and I love your style!
    From makeup to jewelry to home decor! You are an amazing artist! :)
    This whole collection is beautiful, but my favorites are Perfect Ending and Hyperbole.
    My email:
    Twitter: @Glitterluvfairy

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  22. Hi!
    I follow you with ID Johis

    My favourites are Hyperbole & Antagonist. I love purples and Antagonist just looks beutiful and unique. The whole idea of the collection is great!

    I posted in my blog about the giveaway here:

    e-mail: kosmetiikkakaaos at gmail dot com

  23. i love Hyperbole, Antagonist, and Perfect Ending, i'm a sucker for purples, pinks and dark colors! :)

    GFC: chemicallyfeline
    i tweeted @famedromantic:

  24. Genre and Hyperbole are gorgeous. Love the theme of this collection.

    helena.paffen @

  25. I have to join the crowd, I love Antagonist - blackened silver with purple, red & gold - what more could I want (besides the ENTIRE Sobe collection!)?

    I love your blog, just wish I had your skills! The step by step photo tutorials are great (hopefully there will be more in future...?)! Thank you! xox

    1. I'm a ding dong, forgot my email: green (dot) island (dot) joey (at) gmail (dot com

  26. Following. All of them are great, but Antagonist is my favorite!

  27. 1. I've been following for a very long time under
    Viridiana :)

    2. I'm loving Antagonist, Hyperbole, and Genre
    the_glamourchild at yahoo dot com

    3. Already posted your link on Facebook. Crossing my
    fingers ^_^ Thank you XOXO

  28. antagonist is my fav. very nice shade

    GFC: Gintare
    email: gintare[dot]amber[at]gmail[dot]com

    shared on FB:

  29. Another fabulous job! I always look forward to your new posts!

    Genre and Euphemism are amazing!

    Thank you! :)

  30. 1. I follow on Bloglovin' and Google Friend Connect!

    2. Oeh these are pretty!! I think Antagonist is my favourite out of all these colours, but Connotations and Hyperbole are beautiful too. Well they all are, but these 3 really catch my eye. :)
    Lisanneblogt at gmail dot com

    3. Twitter:

    Awesome giveaway, I don't own any Sobe Botanicals so I'd love to try these beauties out :D

  31. Hi, enter me please
    I follow you via GFC as Cristina
    I most like Perfect Ending and Antagonist
    My email address is
    I posted the giveaway on Facebook!/cristina.gondos.1/posts/330156390408287
    Thanks for the giveaway. XoXo

  32. Ooops, I just realized my comment showed up twice! Don't know why, lol. Sorry! I deleted one of them.
    Thanks again! :)

  33. Genre and Connotations are my faves from this set. I don't own any and I can't wait to try them.

    I follow you, I am Bdazled1.

    I posted the giveaway on my twitter @2bedazzled.

  34. Hello !!!
    I follow you via GFC with the user iulika_ct.
    I like very much Perfect Ending and Hyperbole
    My email address is
    I facebooked about the giveaway
    I also tweeed about the giveaway
    This is an amazing giveaway. Good luck to everyone !!!

  35. hmm i really want Genre XD

    GFC: Nila Kussriani

    shared on twitter