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Monday, April 9, 2012

Orange, Pink and Purple Tropical Sunset Makeup look with Cool Shimmer Palette

This is one of those looks I always come back to. :-)


Chart I made for the Cool Shimmer palette
Coastal Scents Shadow Worx eye Primer (applied to upper lid, blending in gently with ring finger) 
NYX - Pure Skin (applied under brow with MAC 217 by patting, sweeping and blending downward)
Cool Shimmer Palette - 80 (applied to Outer V with MAC 217 by patting/sweeping)
Cool Shimmer Palette - 79 (applied to lid and crease with MAC 239 by patting)
Cool Shimmer Palette - 57 (applied to inner lid with MAC 239 by patting)
Cool Shimmer Palette - 45 (applied to inner corner with MAC 228 by patting)
Cool Shimmer Palette - 57 (applied to inner lower lash line with MAC 266)
Cool Shimmer Palette - 79 (applied to middle lower lash line with MAC 266) 
Cool Shimmer Palette - 80 (applied to outer lower lash line with MAC 266)
Kryolan Aqua Color liner - black (applied wet with water, using MAC 210 on upper lash line winging outward)   
Avon Super Shock Mascara - black

Eyebrows: Sobe Fill Me In Brow Filler - a mixture of Brunette and Raven (applied with MAC 266)

Lips: Sobe Botanicals - Starlet

Face: Skin MD Shielding lotion 
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation - Gobi (applied with a synthetic foundation brush)
Sobe Tinted Illusionist Powder (applied all over face with a large powder brush)
Aromaleigh blush - rococo (applied to cheeks with a small blush brush and blended back towards the hair line)


  1. Love the bright colors!!! Your necklace is georgous too!!!

  2. Your blending is amazing, the colours work so well togther. Yup, I'm going to try a look like this soon :D

    1. Thanks, lady! I'd love to see what you come up with!

  3. This is beautiful! It reminds me of tropical sunsets and Hawaii!

  4. Hi there! I love your blog and I love, love, love the necklace you're wearing in these pics. I know you're making jewelery but I dunno, if you made the necklace you're wearing above. Is there maybe any chance for me to get it? :) Hugs and kisses from Germany

    1. Hello! Thanks, I'm happy you like my bloggy. I made this one for myself but hadn't thought of making it available for others. I will contact you if I add it to my store. :-)

  5. That necklace :drool:
    Can you tell me more about Kryolan eyeliner? Is it pigmented?

    1. Thanks. :-)
      Yes, it's an aqua liner and you have to add water to it to make it into a liquid liner (it won't work if you don't add water). It is very pigmented, but you can make it more pigmented or less pigmented based on how much water you mix in. It has been my #1 favourite eyeliner for over 2 years! It's the best!