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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beauties Factory Eye Shadow Compact Order + Swatches

Many of you have heard of Beauties Factory. You can get a lot of the basic eyeshadow and lipgloss palettes there. I already have an 88 palette so I didn't want to get another pre-made palette. Instead, I bought several eyeshadow compacts so I can choose what colours I want to try. They are $1.45 each if you are registered, which I am, or $1.50 each if you aren't registered. I bought 40 compacts and shipping was $0.60. Which is REALLY cheap considering it's international. So my order came to $58 and some change. Not bad for buying 40 huge eyeshadow pans. Everything arrived in about a week which is really fast. It arrived very well packed and everything was correct. No eyeshadows were broken. Everything is just perfect. No complaints.

Here's what the compacts look like:

natural light


They all came sealed

the back


shows how big these are

These are so large that they won't fit into MAC or Stars Makeup Haven palettes. Beauties Factory has various palettes you can buy to put these into if you choose. I did not buy a palette because I figured I would make one myself.
The eyeshadows have numbers and names listed on the website. But they only came with numbers on them. When I get around to trying a look with these, I will list names instead of numbers. But if anyone wants to know the list of colours with names and their numbers, let me know and I will add it here for you to reference.

In doing these swatches I noticed that they all had different textures based on their finishes. Most of them are shimmery or pearly. A few are matte and a few are sheer. The shimmery ones are easier to work with, while only some of the matte ones were a little weird but not terrible. Basically some of the mattes were softer and a bit chalky, so I had to be more gentle when using my brush to pick up pigment. But with some shimmery ones, I had to press much harder and they were more smooth. However, all of them were completely true to colour and very pigmented.

Here are the swatches which are over Aromaleigh's light primer. You can click to enlarge all pictures.

From left to right: Pure White, Snow White, White, Vanilla Sky, Sake, Skin Tone, Private Garden, Rich Red, Amazing Grace, Tango, The Jewel, Remember Me?, Fading Memory

natural light


From left to right: Lilac, Violet, Fuschia, Paris Night, Ocean Pacific, The Pivate (do they mean Private?), Miss You, Navy, Plumage, Blue Eyes, Emerald, Atlantic, Star Dust

natural light


From left to right: Chill-Out, Yu, Forest, Herbal, Green, Mermaid, Noble Green, Lime, Bling Bling, Gaze, Gold Vintage, Tropical Punch

natural light


From left to right: Black Ring, Black (matte)

natural light


I would say these are just OK for now. I really love many of the colours (Plumage being my fav) so I will play with these for a while before I come back with a better review for you all. 

I really couldn't find much about these online. Seems like no one has blogged about them or swatched them. Which is partially why I wanted to try them. Have you tried these? See anything you like?

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. :-)


Here's the list of colour names with their numbers (I realized I needed to do it for myself anyway).

Pure White 401
Snow White 501
White 402
Vanilla Sky 503
Sake 504
Skin Tone 573
Private Garden 465
Rich Red 480
Amazing Grace 561
Tango 563
The Jewel 551
Remember Me? 557
Fading Memory 457
Lilac 458
Violet  460
Fuschia 462
Paris Night 463
Ocean Pacific 554
The Pivate 447
Miss You 536
Navy 448
Plumage 548
Blue Eyes 452
Emerald 534
Atlantic 547
Star Dust 453
Chill-Out 532
Yu 531
Forest 540
Herbal 539
Green 438
Mermaid 525
Noble Green 440
Lime 425
Bling Bling 517
Gaze 518
Gold Vintage 520
Tropical Punch 524
Black Ring 507
Black 408


  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with! And, the price is definitely right! hahaha. Do you know if these guys are an independent cosmetics company?

  2. I was thinking wow, either she has a really small hand or those shadow pans are huge! They should last awhile. Which is great if you do fun colors everyday or freelance. The pigments look decent. I can't wait to see your FOTD with these. I never heard of them, but I love learning new brands. Thanks for sharing. I like the yellow one so far and the blues look hot.


  3. Those colors look gorgeous and the price makes them even more attractive. Let me know if the Matte shades are easy to work with. I'd love to get my hands on these if they are!

  4. Oooh some of the colours are very beautiful and i'm very impressed by the price and size! Also some of the lipgloss palettes look very nice, i wish they solds those individually. Thanks for showing these, i'd never heard of them before :)

  5. Wow, they look huge. Possibly MUFE size? The greens are beautiful! I've got my eye on their brush sets now!

  6. I agree with you, Plumage looks GOOOOOORGEOUS!

  7. Great swatches! Those colors look amazing...and what a great price. I will definitely be placing an order ASAP ;) Thanks for sharing!


  8. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW. This seems to be a really new company then! I haven't heard about them ever! THose shadow pans are giiiinormous LOL

  9. what an army ^^) I LIIIIIIIIIIKE:)

  10. oooh man, I laughed so hard when I read "the private" lmao.
    Awesome swatches! I love bling bling, gaze and gold vintage

  11. Hmm...I've never heard of them. Seems like it doesn't hurt to try them though, since they're so cheap!

  12. My fav is the Jewel. Wow on those prices and the size of them. I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts on them. Off to check out their site.

  13. Damn it's really cheap!
    Wanna try them!
    Thx for sharing, I didn't know this brand :/

  14. The colors are nice. I'd like to see them on your eyes, to know what is your opinion about the texture, the color payoff... Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

  15. I saw somebody blogging about these a looong time ago, no idea who it was. Glad you posted a review, now I feel ok ordering. I've been wanting to for a long while, but ordering from places that I haven't seen anyone else talk about makes me kind of nervous. Hopefully I can haul when I get my next paycheck!

  16. Wow! Those prices are pretty freaking sweet. I would never have known about them if you hadn't mentioned, so thanks! Now I just have to figure out what all to get. :)

  17. Those colours look amazing! And they're so large & cheap! Wow :) I really wish I could shop online too. :/

  18. hey there I just nominated you for an " I love your blog award" check it out =)

  19. Is it just me or you can't even see pure white? :\

  20. I ordered some eyeshadow last year based on your review and it's about time I placed my second order..oops!
    Did you manage to make a palette for them? If so, I would love to know how! I really don't like to spend money on empty palettes, even though BF palettes are reasonably priced.